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primitai violenceoftheskies
Artist: Primitai
Title: Violence Of The Skies
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 26th March 2021
Label: ROAR! Rock of Angels Records

Review Flash

Meanwhile in the UK... PRIMITAI is a melodic Heavy Metal band that was formed in 2003 a year that began on a Wednesday, that year was a good year for rock and Heavy Metal as bands like AIRBOURNE, SKELETON WITCH and BARONESS were formed (Cinemas saw ‘The Last Samurai’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ among other successful entries). The band plays very melody driven Metal with keyboard elements here and there. Vocalist Guy Miller is talent to be reckoned with as are the two guitar players Srdjan Bilic and Sergio Girón, the rhythm section that is percussion Pope Jonathan Warren and bass Behemoth Scott Miller knows how to set the stage for their skills. These guys really learned their English Rock and Metal basics, sound-wise they are comparable to bands like ABSOLVA, ALPHA TIGER and DENDERA (which all kick ass). For some elitist headbangers this might be to tame or polished but I really like the riffs and the vocals and I am sure they can amass a big audience with their catchy tunes.

Conclusion: If you don’t need bleeding ears as a side effect of listening to music this might push your buttons.

Rating: 7 / 10

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