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thehumancondition pathways
Artist: The Human Condition
Title: Pathways
Genre: Doom Metal
Release Date: 16th December 2015
Label: self-released

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Slow, slower, doom! Or something along those lines, you know? THE HUMAN CONDITION from Macclesfield, England surely is one of the slower Doom bands, not complex and rather mid-tempo like TROUBLE or even catchy and almost painfully melodic like SORCERER, NO! THE HUMAN CONDITION has this mixture of Doom with Goth influences. PALLBEARER and 40 WATT SUN come to mind when listening to the slowed down yet marching compositions that know only forward as a general direction for their bittersweet narratives. Nathan Harrison’s vocals vary between THE CURE’s Robert Smith and even sometimes a bit of TYPE O NEGATIVE’s Pete Steele. The song material is very heavy and expertly exercised from an artistic point of view. Sometimes Harrison and the rest of the band are not exactly in sync when it comes to the melody and his vocals but this is not a real downside as Doom is a very unique kind of genre and is not in need of perfection but lives of atmosphere and this record is full of atmosphere so that is that.

Conclusion: Very heavy, very gloomy. Check it out!

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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