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discorpse dismemberment
Artist: Discorpse
Title: Dismemberment
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 21st May 2021
Label: Haastrup Records

Review Flash

Tonight I am facing the brutal side of Denmark as I try to brace my ears for the onslaught that is DISCORPSE! DISCORPSE were formed in twenty-twenty-one and what better time for a band that sounds like judgement day, fire from the skies and disembowelment before breakfast? ‘Dismemberment’ is literally the soundtrack to these apocalyptic times. This debut EP with its six songs, that feel like flesh hooks pushed through your skin, hits with a total of twenty-five minutes and thirty-two seconds (metal archives says 25:28 but my Desktop PC ain’t lying). For a pure Death Metal release this sounds surprisingly melodic when it comes to the compositions itself, this does not count for Johnny Bækdal’s vocals because these come straight from the ninth circle of Hell. I really enjoy the riffs on ‘Sacred Ties’ the most which makes this almost catchy, it's worth mentioning the beating and kicking of Dano Rodig (bet that guy sleeps like a frigging baby). To point out a song in this whirlwind of fire and hate is futile as this is served best as a full package, to crank up the volume is a given, isn’t it?

Conclusion: Check out ‘Sacred Ties’ this is a slow but fierce massacre of a song that even has moments that remind me of Doom Metal.

Rating: 8 / 10

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