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infex burninginexile
Artist: Infex
Title: Burning In Exile
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 13th August 2021
Label: self-released

Review Flash

I like to indulge in subgenres like the next guy but when it comes to thrash I have to say there is so much more to this subgenre than meets the eye / ear. There are bands that are rough as fuck, bands that are melodic like crazy and bands that mix it up but that is not all because there are technical Thrash bands that are brutal and there are technical thrashers that play their stuff very melodic and we cannot and must not forget the bands that mix some Hardcore into their sound. INFEX are an old-school Thrash Metal band that has quite a lot of before mentioned styles of thrash. We have vocalist Jack Childs who sounds a bit like SLAYER’s Tom Araya but sometimes there is this Hardcore vibe to his vocals which makes listening to him kinda more interesting because his voice is distinctive. Childs and Weber, or as I call them: the Shredders of the Riffpocalypse, do play as fierce as it gets (and quite fast to be honest). And at last we have the rhythm division: Corey Bell on drums and R.C. Morton on bass, the drums are more present but that lies in the nature of thrash (true to the formula: if you don’t hear the bass stand out, the dude does it right!). Oh, and who does not love the occasional gang-shouts?

Conclusion: I do love the intros these guys use from time to time, need a song recommendation? Check out ‘The Burning’ and ‘7.62’

Rating: 8 / 10

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