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olorin throughshadowandflame
Artist: Olórin
Title: Through Shadow and Flame
Genre: Doom / Epic Metal
Release Date: 29 June 2021
Label: Rafchild Records

Review Flash

Ok! It is not an entirely new idea to sing about anything related to stories of J.R.R. Tolkien but even in these trying times the escapism that is the core of Tolkien’s stories is a gift that keeps on giving. The lyrics tell of the fellowship of the ring and their journey through the darkened halls and winding paths of Moria’s mines, of their battle, their flight and Gandalf's supposed death by the fiery hands of the Balrog. The last track goes full circle and ends on a hopeful note, telling of the return of Gandalf, reborn as the white rider. Sound-wise this is full-on doom: slow dragging riffs, a minimal use of drums (nothing to fast or complex here), a bass that is more than just audible and vocals that fit the overall sound but are the only weak point of this records. Clay Sibley’s vocals are very distinct and impossible to mistake for someone else’s but that is strength and shortcoming at once, call it a love it or leave it matter. I, for one dig this and most of the times the vocals are decent and there are bonus-points for pointing out how great Tolkien’s storytelling still holds up.

Conclusion: If you dig bands like CIRITH UNGOL or MANILLA ROAD, this should be to your liking as it is weird as fuck when it comes to the theatrical vocals but it has its appeal. Check out ‘The Endless Stair’, it rips

Rating: 8 / 10

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