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seax speedinferno
Artist: Seax
Title: Speed Inferno
Genre: Speed Metal
Release Date: 30th September 2022
Label: Iron Shield Records

Review Flash

SEAX from Worcester, Massachusetts like it fast and they better because they are a frigging Speed Metal band! Formed on 2009, the band kicked down doors with their first full-length ‘High On Metal’ in 2012. ‘Speed Inferno’ is the bands fifth studio album to date and it is, to no surprise, manic and fast like a broken bottle on your head. If you know the German band VULTURE you got a clue what I am talking about sound-wise. High and kinda hysteric vocals that remind you of KING DIAMOND here and there, riffs fast as lightning, a bass that provides the thunder and fast and precise drums that wake the dead. The fun in this is the obvious cheese factor that is fully negated by the old-school 80s overkill, these guys know exactly that their music is batshit crazy and that is the reason why this is working. Take fast melodic music with insanely over the top vocals, tracks named ‘Barbarians Of Doom’ or ‘Return To The Steel’ add a sweaty crowd and lots of beer and you have a big party with people going nuts. This is the appeal, this music makes you shake your head and your butt, it makes you want to grab a cold one and hit on the hottest chick in the bar.

Conclusion: If you like it dangerous you will love ‘Speed Inferno’!

Rating: 7 / 10

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