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nightbearer ghostsofadarknesstocome
Artist: Nightbearer
Title: Ghosts Of A Darkness To Come
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 29th July 2022
Label: Testimony Records

Review Flash

NIGHTBEARER from NRW, Germany, formed three years ago in 2017. Those guys are no newbies to the meat-shredding, skin-ripping, mind-bending and soul-crushing subgenre. Dominik Hellmuth (guitars), Florian Böhmfeld (bass) and Manuel Lüke (drums) know each other from BURDEN OF GRIEF, HATE FORCE ONE and DESPISE. I met some of these guys and other musicians on the Death Metal Birthday party in Rheine a few weeks ago and fell in love with all those bands and their brutal music and decided to review them all as soon as I got my hands on their outputs. ‘Ghosts Of A Darkness To Come’ is the bands second full-length slaughter and it knows how to please. Everything about this is as brutal, groovy and crushing as it gets. The vocals of Michael vary from growls born in the deepest pits of Hades to high pitched screams that aim to shatter your eardrums, the rhythm section rattles, smashes and quakes as if to herald the end of days while the riffs rain down on the listener like a barrage of bullets. It is hard for me to pick a favourite because this massacre is to be witnessed in its gory entirety.

Conclusion: Take a look into the 666th circle of hell (the bands rehearsal room) and buy all their stuff, I will.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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