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graceless chantsfrompurgatory
Artist: Graceless
Title: Chants From Purgatory
Genre: Death Metal / Doom Metal
Release Date: 30th September 2022
Label: Raw Skull Recordz

Review Flash

GRACELESS from Leiden, South Holland are an atmospheric mix between melodic Death Metal and raw Doom Metal. The band was formed by vocalist Remco Kreft in 2016 and ‘Chants From Purgatory’ is the band’s third full-length ritual. GRACELESS, just like NEW WORLDS DEPRESSION and NIGHTBEARER, were among the bands I have sworn to review after witnessing them live a few weeks ago. ‘Chants From Purgatory’ is a treasure chest packed with slow, grinding and lead-heavy Deathened Doom Metal that takes absolutely no prisoners. The beating on the kit often sounds like the tact of the drums that were used to animate the prisoners to row until they died of exhaustion or dehydration. Remco’s voice all the while acting like a steamroller, crushing everything before him without any mercy or regret. What I really like about the sound of the band is that, as heavy and rough as it is, there is always a groove and a melody to the compositions and Remco’s vocals are still pretty much classic vocals without growling through the whole material. Sure, he sounds like an angry Ogre but he does not dismantle the melodic aspects of the tracks, he adds to it. Before I forget it: I can clearly hear the bass of Jasper Aptroot which is hella sexy!

Conclusion: More than decent, maybe one of the best records of the year and surely not the last thing I want to purchase of these guys.

Rating: 9 / 10

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