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sonja loudarriver
Artist: Sonja
Title: Loud Arriver
Genre: Heavy Metal / Gothic Rock
Release Date: 23rd September 2022
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Review Flash

The Backstory of the brand-new SONJA was a blessing in disguise. Vocalist and shredding professional Melissa Moore was fired from Texas Black Metal band ABSU in 2017 when she came out as transgender, instead of having her back and being supportive she was kicked out of the band in a manner that can only be described as disgusting. ABSU touring drummer and absolute fucking legend Grzesiek Czapla was the sole supportive band member who did the only right thing and left the band together with Melissa to form kick-ass retro act SONJA. Text-wise the lyrics of the material deal with the stuff that happened to her and all the things she felt while transitioning. It is an understatement to say that this is quite an emotional record, this is also the first time that Melissa acts as vocalist on top of being responsible for the hooks and riffs. Sound-wise this is a good mix of HAUNT, HIGH SPIRITS, GHOST and a bit of UNTO OTHERS. ‘Loud Arriver’ was produced by Arthur Rizk who also did CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and ENFORCED in the past.

Conclusion: ABSU really missed out on the chance to evolve into something entirely different but great nonetheless, SONJA will storm the gates and overthrow a massive kingdom that is sure as can be.

Rating: 9 / 10

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