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ignition vengeance
Artist: Ignition
Title: Vengeance
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 15th September 2023
Label: Doc Gator Records

Review Flash

IGNITION is a Power Metal band that hails from Duisburg, Germany, the spark that “ignited” the formation of the band was lit in 2014. ‘Vengeance’ is the band’s third full-length eruption and it is fiery as hell. The vocals of Dennis Marschallik are a great hybrid between Hansi Kürsch’s best moments and some very melodic and well executed 80s Rock influences like Ronnie James Dio and other contemporaries. The album starts good and fast with ‘Ignite The Fire’ and ‘The Wounds That Cause The Pain’ only to set the first highpoint with ‘Adrenaline’ a song that features the highest highs Marschallik sang to this point (at least on the first three songs that is). The band really manages to stand on its own even if there are many, many moments that really honour the legacy of BLIND GUARDIAN. I for one am sure that these guys deserve to be known by a lot of people and I really do hope that they will be a big act in the future because German Power Metal needs a worthy successor to the throne once bands like HELLOWEEN, BLIND GUARDIAN and PRIMAL FEAR hang up their leather pants. The album is a tad bit long with twelve tracks and fifty minutes but I always say that there is not too much of a good thing.

Conclusion: If you dig Power Metal you need to check this out!

Rating: 8 / 10

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