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permutation transience
Artist: Permutation
Title: Transience
Genre: Melodic Death / Black Metal
Release Date: 22nd September 2023
Label: Apostasy Records

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PERMUTATION from Lower saxony or as we Germans say “Niedersachsen” have assembled in 2020 and ‘Transience’ is the first full-length outing. Musically this is not reinventing the wheel but aside from that, it has everything a fan of both Death and Black Metal could wish for. The wall of sound effect which I explain as staccato riffs aided by thundering drums to create this effect that feels like heavy waves crushing into your back driving your ever farther. Added to this we have outstandingly evil vocals that vary from Black Metal screams to Death Metal growls and all the time we have this very skilled drummer that glues everything together with his infernal kicking and beating of his kit. I am in no way a specialist when it comes to extreme metal as I spent too much time on the melodic side of Heavy Metal but this is evil, brutal and melodic enough to keep me interested so I can state wholeheartedly that I indeed enjoyed this. What I also really like is that this band is somewhat independent when it comes to the lyrics because even though this is melodic Death / Black PERMUTATION did not choose gory lyrics or lyrics that revolve around Satan etc., this is nice for a change.

Conclusion: If you can bang your head to a melodic mixture of Death and Black Metal that is not as cliché-laden as so many bands that play these styles tend to be this might be a new go-to band for you.

Rating: 8 / 10

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