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afterforever2005eurosonictehuis-end038.jpgEurosonic, Het Tehuis, Groningen (Netherlands)
January 14th 2005
Nemesea, Imperia, Regicide, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, After Forever

Eurosonic takes place all over Groningen but the ‘Tehuis' was the scène of the metal bands for this evening. Performing tonight were the Dutch bands Nemsea, Imperia, the German bands Regicide and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and last but not least the Dutch After Forever.All bands were introduced by Nienke, the singer from Autumn (also a Dutch band).
La Loco, Paris, France
28th November 2004
Atrocity, Battlelore, Darkwell, Leaves Eyes
Melkweg, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
October 30th 2004
Corvus Corax

We arrived a bit too early at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. It was still very quiet. Someone came to buy a ticket and asked if the concert was almost sold out. Well... not even half the tickets were sold. One by one people came in. No rows, no pushing, no big crowd. I thought it was going to be a quiet evening. Guess again! The venue filled up slowly and ended up quite full.
W2, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
3rd December 2004
Tanzwut and Nik Page

Lucky, Rijssen, Netherlands
18th December 2004
After forever and Nemesea

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