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amduscia deaththoushaltdie
Artist: Amduscia
Title: Death, Thou Shalt Die
Genre: Electro / Industrial / Techno
Release Date: 2nd December 2011
Label: Out of Line Records

Album Review

After the tragic loss of Edgar Acevedo (early 2010) the future of AMDUSCIA was uncertain. He was like the secreted force behind the project so it was not that unproblematic to put AMDUSCIA back on track. His brother Polo determined to struggle and come back in memory for his brother, so the new album was finished by him alone. AMDUSCIA’s fourth album is now here ‘Death, Thou Shalt Die’.

The introduction starts with the very vigorous ‘Damn Punks’ a track of extraordinary force and well thought sound combinations, brilliant electronic sounds supported by hammering bass produce a beat which never leaves your head. A real good dark electro track is following right on the heels. ‘Desequilibrio Mental’ (Mental Imbalance) shows fanatical beat with fierce and impressive sound. Almost chaotic sound combinations construct within ‘I´ll Hate You’ an absolute firework of dark electronic dance-floor music. ‘Seduccion es mi placer’ (Seduction Is My Pleasure) grants the listener no breathing space, harsh beats followed by a distorted brutal voice ensures that you can’t keep your feet and body still. ‘Fuck the Fucking Fuckers’ use a driving and faster blasting sound which reminiscent of bands like MODULATE, FABRIKC or MEMMAKER. Following track, ‘Solo Maquina - Antihuman Remix’, fastens the buyer on the dance floor, banging him right between the cracks of the parquet and allow no relaxing break.

‘R.I.P’ ensures that you can relax for a little while vocals typical for this kind of music invite you not exactly for dreaming but allow your tired feet the required moments to relay before ‘Creepy Life’ taking off again which totally stands for the “renaissance” of AMDUSCIA. ‘Adicto al dolor’ (Addicted to Pain) leaves absolutely nothing to be desired, hard pounding bass orgies harsh vocals in perfect AMDUSCIA like manner. The following two tracks ‘How I Hate You’ and ‘Wild Girls’ are equally impressive composed and were executed with brilliant creativity and intoxicating power. The last track ‘Battle in Paradise’ is a true melodious pleasure for the ear, the artist creates a new and fascinating world which opens its doors to a new existence. AMDUSCIA is back in a less violent way, but still sounds powerful enough to set dance floors on fire. They introduced a new sound to this by incorporating trance and electronic dance synths to a cynical and evil voice crying into the dark. AMDUSCIA must not be afraid of being compared with Bands like HOCICO, SUICIDE COMMANDO or any other; they create their own musical style with a brilliant performance. This album is a true show of what POLO can do - an absolute recommendation not just for die-hard fans of this music.


01. Damn Punks (4:35)
02. Desequilibrio Mental (5:01)
03. I’ll Hate You (5:25)
04. Seduccion Es Mi Placer (5:15)
05. Fuck The Fucking Fuckers (4:49)
06. Solo Maquina (Antihuman Remix) (6:17)
07. R.I.P (4:09)
08. Creepy Life (4:56)
09. Adicto Al Dolor (4:57)
10. How I Hate You (4:46)
11. Wild Girls (4:34)
12. Battle In Paradise (6:32)
13. Creepy Life (Cid Project Remix) (6:01)
14. Creepy Life (Electrovot Remix) (4:46)


Polo - Vocals, Lyrics, Arrangements
Edgar - Composition, Programming, Mastering


Cover Picture

amduscia deaththoushaltdie


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10

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