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amduscia filofobia
Artist: Amduscia
Title: Filofobia
Genre: Harsh Electro
Release Date: 19th July 2013
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

When a band member dies, sometimes it’s the end of a complete band. But not in case of AMDUSCIA. After the death of Edgar Acevedo, ‘Filofobia’ is the first complete album written by his brother Polo Acevedo. Of course their style of music hasn’t changed much – there’s still bass, harsh electro sounds and the feeling that Mexico attacks, when you put the album in your CD player. While the opening track ‘Dig your Grave’ made me want to listen to even more tracks of this album and even ‘Bitch Killer’ brought the ‘This is Amdsucia’ feeling to my mind. When continuing to listen to it, I slowly got bored as there were no surprises left. For a while it felt as if there was one super long track running until the title track ‘Filofobia’ came up. This one caught me with some interesting song structure and voice samples. The rest of CD 1 is classic harsh electro. There’s nothing to moan about, but also nothing special to be found.

On the second disc, AMDUSCIA tried to be a bit more experimental. Tracks like 'Insatiable Pain' or 'Suffering', 'Annunakis' and 'Scheol' should have been put on the main disc and not only on the bonus CD. This would have brought a bit more variety to the whole album and maybe changed the long period of ‘Oh this is a super long track’ feeling I had when listening to it. In conclusion ‘Filofobia’ is a typical AMDUSCIA album which will make harsh electro fans happy. There are a few good tracks to dance to. Maybe the band should have changed the track list a bit and should have put some tracks from the bonus disc to the main one.


01. No God
02. Dig Your Grave
03. Bitch Killer
04. Revelations Of Innocence
05. The Spell
06. Muérete Ya
07. Filofobia
08. Una Esperanza Rota
09. Check Mate(Love Game)
10. Your Last Time
11. Where Is Your God?
12. Out Of Control
Bonus Disc
01. Insatiable Pain
02. Who Am I?
03. Suffering
04. Macochi
05. Annunakis
06. Don´t Laugh Freak
07. Kick Some Ass
08. Reality
09. Sheol


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amduscia filofobia


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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