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broilers santamuertelivetapes
Artist: Broilers
Title: Santa Muerte Live Tapes
Genre: Punk / Rock / Avant-garde
Release Date: 28th September 2012
Label: People Like You Records

Album Review

So, here’s the live version of ‘Santa Muerte’, the ‘Santa Muerte Live Tapes’. Producing a live album due to the success of ‘Santa Muerte’ is a consequent step on the band’s way within music business. As I’ve already written in the review for the studio album, there’s no in between. Either you still love the BROILERS or you’re going to hate them due to the “commercial issues” nowadays which is really getting on my nerves. The Live Tapes are a ramble through decades the BROILERS had survived with their very own way to interpret what’s Oi!-music and what’s not… what will work for them and what not. Of course, due to the success of ‘Santa Muerte’ the applause and the reactions by the fans are louder and more frenetic during the newer songs. But the thing is, that the BROILERS won’t confirm the cliché of a underdog that wants to be mainstream at any cost! Not at all!

There’s a lot of songs, Sammy Amara describes or is telling the background just in order to reach the fans and to enthuse them for their older songs. These moments are intense… and so the quietness and thoughtfulness aside the songs are as precious as the songs themselves. The decision not to overproduce the album was the right one, in my opinion. The atmosphere is denser and one might get the feeling of attending the concert which leads to only one conclusion: regret for not being there! The ‘Santa Muerte Live Tapes’ are some kind of “Best of” album, as usual, but definitely with a more personal note as the most “Best of” releases. You’ve got to check it out!


01. Preludio: Santa Muerte
02. Zurück Zum Beton
03. Harter Weg (Go!)
04. Paul Der Hooligan
05. Geboren Zu Gewinnen
06. Tanzt Du Noch Einmal Mit Mir?
07. Alles Was Ich Tat
08. In Ein Paar Jahren…
09. Heute Schon Gelebt
10. Vanitas
11. Held In Unserer Mitte
12. Anti, Anti, Anti
13. Wie Weit Wir Gehen
14. Zusammen
15. Vom Scheitern (The World Is Yours, Nicht!)
16. Dumm & Glücklich

01. In 80 Tagen Um Die Welt
02. Alles Geht Weiter
03. Ich Sah Kein Licht
04. Weckt Die Toten
05. Weißes Licht
06. Warte Auf Mich
07. (Ich bin) Bei Dir
08. Ruby Light & Dark
09. Nur Die Nacht weiß
10. 33 RPM
11. Cigarettes & Whiskey
12. LoFi
13. Singe, Seufze & Saufe
14. Meine Sache
15. Blume


Christian Kubczak – Organ, Piano, Keyboards
Ronald Hübner – Guitars
nes Maybaum – Bass
Andi Brügge – Drums & Percussion
Sammy Amara – Vocals & Guitars

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broilers santamuertelivetapes


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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