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diekammer seasonI
Artist: Die Kammer
Title: Season I: The Seeming And The Real
Genre: Singer / Songwriter / Folk / Traditional
Release Date: 15th October 2012
Label: Delicious Releases

Album Review

“Surprisingly, DIE KAMMER premiered at the WGT 2012 live. Outstanding, as you can say without exaggeration. I was there. Down in the crypt... From the second Song on, I thought: "Magic’s back again." The magic of legendary CHAMBER concerts at the ORKUS Café at the WGT years ago... at the Moritzbastei... at the Sinkkasten...! DIE KAMMER sounds, like CHAMBER should have sounded from the very beginning/always!“
-Thomas Sabottka about DIE KAMMER-  (Source:

It came as a real bombshell and a premature Christmas present, when Marcus Testory and Matthias Ambré proclaimed last December, that they will work together again and founded their project DIE KAMMER! Both protagonists went through dire straits: while one of them declared that his project CHAMBER won’t endure anymore, the other left the band ASP which he co-founded and was a member of for about 12 years. Both sensed a kind of listlessness in order to create new music and needed a certain time of self-discovery. But thank goodness, their path have crossed after several years of just walking side by side…

Since the day of their proclaiming, their fans accreted rapidly and their first release ‘The Seeming And The Real’ was eagerly awaited as well their single ‘The Orphanage’. Without having an idea what DIE KAMMER would sound like, fans began to spread the word and were steamed up by the band itself with several appetizer like the ‘Early Adoption-Episodes’ (English version - 4 episodes; German version - 8 episodes), the ‘Early Adopted – T-Shirt-sale’ (that grants the fans free entry to one of the release-concerts). The fondly and detailed designed webpage put the icing on the cake - especially the tour is a highlight to explore DIE KAMMER.

So, what would DIE KAMMER sound like? What will their first release going to be? Expectations were big and for sure the guys were under pressure. Step by step, they revealed the members of the band, the orchestration and created an ambiance… a chamber, where DIE KAMMER takes place. It became clear that somehow DIE KAMMER would continue the efforts, Marcus Testory had made with his project CHAMBER as a composer and managing director of Delicious Releases combined with the achievements Matthias Ambré had made as a producer and audio engineer of Ashborn Studios and as a composer and arranger.

The result is a release that creeps in on soft feet. Consequently following their concept of a distinctive chamber music that was revealed in their first single ‘The Orphanage’ with an outstanding video, now ‘The Seeming And The Real’ ties in with a bunch of songs that leaves their audience with mouth wide open. In fact, what Thomas Sabottka wrote about DIE KAMMER is true: although I adored CHAMBER in all of its episodes, DIE KAMMER is more close to that what chamber music defines. “Because of its intimate nature, chamber music has been described as ‘the music of friends.’” (Source:

There’s nothing that could describe DIE KAMMER in a better way: Two particular friends with a lot of their friends want to create music that is intimate, fragile, tinkle-toed and entertaining without the lacking of seriousness. DIE KAMMER is a result of storytellers who wants to narrate their “fairy tales”, their lives, their inner feelings cocooned within a web of melodies and wonderful composed pearls… The dark and tender voice of Marcus, the slight and light-footed arrangements, melodies full of melancholy AND hope at once: DIE KAMMER succeeds in squaring the circle! ‘The Seeming And The Real’ is like a never-ending dream with blurring borderlines towards reality - almost 56 minutes of a twilight zone that captivates the audience from the very beginning.

And as I hear the words: “Fate is an illusion, illusion is our fate…” the release is come full circle. A certain relief overcomes me - I’m ready to let things go… I close my eyes and just listen to the music and the voice that whispers tenderly:

“So welcome to the chamber,
Welcome to our home.
Welcome to the hideaway
Of the seeking of the lone.
You’re welcome to get closer.
You’re welcome to unseal
The entrance to the orphanage
Of the seeming and the real…”


01. The Orphanage
02. Fate/Illusion
03. Labyrinths of Despair
04. The Seeming and the Real
05. Black As Coal
06. Riding the Crest
07. A Backward Glance
08. Home in Your Eyes
09. Singing: Surrender
10. The Grand Graveyard of Hopes
11. Final Days
12. The Painter Man’s Spell


Marcus Testory – Vocals, Guitar
Matthias Ambré – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dirk Klinkhammer – Tuba
Oliver Himmighoffen – Drums
Matthias Raue – Violin



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diekammer seasonI


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10

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