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diekammer season2
Artist: Die Kammer
Title: Season II: Views From The Inside
Genre: Acoustic / Singer-Songwriter / Folk
Release Date: 14th February 2014
Label: Delicious Releases

Album Review

I've got to make a confession before we start. I've long been absent from the path Marcus Testory chose since CHAMBER ceased to exist, and I've missed 'Season I' entirely. I see that I’ve got some catching up to do now. Since I made my apologies now, we can concentrate on the music entirely. 'Season II: Views From The Inside' makes a gently unpretentious opening on 'Be Careful'. A tight, playful drum section surrounds a most exciting set of instruments, including a tuba which is highly uncommon within an acoustic band if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, it doesn't feel out of place at any time. With 'Endangered Memories', it's getting a little more rhythmical. Rhythmical as in having that little spark that gets you going, at the very least nodding your head if you're the shy type. 'The Line Of Last Resistance' has traces of classic rock or metal transcending into the acoustic realm, enriched with Marcus' increasingly haunting delivery, which is taking a key role on the following 'Lest We Forget', the instrumental sections reduced to the max; they “only” play the enhancing part to the story that is being told.

For the next couple of minutes, we are going to enter the three-parts song cycle 'Sophie's Circus', divided into 'The Arrival', 'The Play', and 'The Spirit Lingers On'. 'The Arrival' is much more a sonic depiction than a song; something leaned from a movie, serving as the entrance theme into an eerie world as seen from a child's eyes. Seats are being taken now and 'The Play' begins when various creatures enter and vanish; in moments reminiscing of Nick Cave's talent of creating very unique tales and characters. 'The Spirit Lingers On' shows, the impression left by this very special afternoon was profound and implants the wish to return at a given time in the future. A type of song that has gone a little unnoticed until now is that of the ballad. 'Mirror' is that kind of song, exposing the inner life to the outside world and putting things in perspective for the spectators, that is us, by having us look at our own reflection. If you're rather into the grand art of storytelling 'Sinister Sister' (yep, very catchy title) should be the right thing for you. The principles of cause and effect are being explained in detail on the story of a woman, while the lofty rhythms and melodies turn themselves into your brains like screws in walls.

‘Season II’ finds a contemplative ending with the instrumental 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and its companion 'New Day Rising'. The focus on here is placed explicitly on the exquisite instrumental themes and their variations where songs begin and end in arbitrary fashion. At last, the album fades with 'New Day Rising', highlighting a beautiful string section which serves as backdrop to a spoken word performance, underlined by drums propelled by soft power. At the end of it all, and by that summing things up, remains a wonderful little album that is proof of purely acoustic music being a cerebral event; something for all senses and not simply for the commonly just purpose of creating ballads. Additionally, it comes with an excellent production, fans of more expensive equipment will appreciate.


01. Be Careful
02. Endangered Memories
03. The Line of Last Resistance
04. Lest We Forget
05. Sophie’s Circus (Part I »The Arrival«)
06. Sophie’s Circus (Part II »The Play«)
07. Sophie’s Circus (Part III »The Spirit Lingers On«)
08. Praying Mantis
09. Slipping around the Corner
10. Mirror
11. Sinister Sister
12. The Invitation
13. Views from the Inside: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
14. Views from the Inside: New Day Rising


Marcus Testory – Vocals, Guitar
Matthias Ambré - Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Vocals
Dirk Klinkhammer – Tuba
Oliver Himmighoffen – Minimal Drums
Tabea Müller – Cello
Aline Deinert – Violin
Matthias Raue – Violin, Viola

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diekammer season2


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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