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diekammer minimized ep01
Artist: Die Kammer
Album: Minimized EP #01
Genre: Singer / Songwriter / Acoustic
Release Date: 16th March 2018
Label: Delicious Releases (Membran)

Album Review

This project was founded in December 2011 by the singer Marcus Testory, ex member of CHAMBER, and Matthias Ambré, former member of ASP. In April 2012, Oliver Himmighoffen, another former member of ASP, joined the band as drummer and Dirk Klinkhammer as tuba player. Its first concert took place at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in May and a couple of weeks later, Matthias Raue, a film composer, was introduced as a new member, playing the violin and viola. The band was then completed with the cellist Tabea Müller (currently on hiatus for family affairs) and violinist Aline Deinert. Soon after Matthias Raue joined the band, the first single ‘The orphanage’ was released and already in October its debut album ‘Season I: The Seeming and the Real’ was launched. In the course of the two days open-air festival in Cologne, in order to celebrate the 15 years anniversary of SCHANDMAUL, DIE KAMMER was supporting act amongst VERSENGOLD, LYRIEL and FIDDLERS GREEN in 2013. Up to now DIE KAMMER has released three albums and now this EP. Like the band’s name indicates the music is purely acoustic in the old singer /songwriter tradition. The lyrics contain sarcastic, humorous, melancholic, morbid and a tongue-in-cheek charm elements.

That acoustic chamber music does not sound square is proved by this project of Marcus and Matthias since they decided to work together. Not only does the music sound fantastic in your player but if you just have seen the band live with its chamber orchestra, consisting of strings, percussion and the tuba, you know that DIE KAMMER rocks. And now with this EP, the guys prove that with an even more stripped down version they know to entertain the listener excellently. Some of us who know DIE KAMMER a bit longer and have seen it live several times never had a doubt about it, especially the lucky ones like me, who had the pleasure to see them at their Ninja gig at the last Blackfield Festival in Gelsenkirchen some years ago. During the stage rebuilding of the main stage the guys performed in their “minimized version (only Marcus and Matthias) at a small stage beside with a couple of songs at each break. And they rocked like hell.

So now the fans have the chance to hear the stripped down versions of three old, three brand new songs and three cover versions. As annotation to the latter I like to mention that apart from the DEPECHE MODE cover the other two songs are from the former bands Matthias and Marcus were members of. At ‘Demon love’ and ‘Home’, the guys are accompanied by Tabea Rotter on cello. To cover a song of the mighty DEPECHE MODE is surely daring but the guys understood it to create a wonderful touching interpretation of it. I’m sure that even the hard-core fans of DM will love it. And regarding the new songs I can only say they are a great appetiser for the upcoming full length album. Foot-tapping from the first tunes on is guaranteed. Sometimes guitars and a wonderful sonorous vocal is only needed to entertain the listener perfectly.

The EP is available as CD, download version or you can download each song. Streaming is also offered.


01. Taught to survive (Minimized version)
02. Seeming and real (Minimized version)
03. Till the break of dawn (Minimized version)
04. Demon love (ASP)
05. Line of last resistance (Minimized version)
06. Maybe first we die (CHAMBER)
07. Home (DEPECHE MODE cover)
08. Sick and tired (Minimized version)
09. Intoxicatin Intravenous (Minimized version)


Marcus Testory - vocals, acoustic guitar
Matthias Ambré - backing vocals, acoustic guitar

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diekammer minimized ep01


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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