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discoensemble warriors
Artist: Disco Ensemble
Title: Warriors
Genre: Rock / Pop
Release Date: 1st March 2013
Label: Columbia (Sony Music)

Album Review

Popular Finnish alternative rock band DISCO ENSEMBLE’s latest creation, ‘Warriors’ hits our stereos with a flamboyance and energy you couldn’t possibly ignore. Since their acclaimed debut album, ‘Viper Ethics’, they have shared with us such delights as ‘Videotapes’, ‘We Might Fall Apart’ and ‘Lefty’. It is with such frustration in regards to DISCO ENSEMBLE’s sound, that is, in a whole, a mainstream accessibility yet; DISCO ENSEMBLE hasn’t maintained the focal point of the populous. In terms of sound, ‘Warriors’ has the potential to grasp a mainstream audience due to its resemblance of most independent/ alternative bands that pervade the musical scope of Europe.

‘Warriors’ is full of rock anthems with likeable riffs and interesting, frenetic rhythms that accelerate to a point of euphoria. ‘Eartha Kitt’ and ‘Second soul’ moulds rock and pop perfectly well, almost mirroring the vibrancy of LOST PROPHETS. ‘Too Much Feeling’ really excels in its speedy grooves and somewhat melancholic synthesizers; it’s almost, if you could well imagine, THE STROKES on speed. There are many tracks on this record that are mass audience friendly, guitar pop that is harmless to enjoy and praise. Warriors makes a great record for the summer.

DISCO ENSEMBLE’s latest offering is an enjoyable feast of a listen. It’s hard to believe that DISCO ENSEMBLE are not more of a household name in the world of rock and pop.


01. Intro
02. Second Soul
03. Too Much Feeling
04. Eartha Kitt
05. I’ve Seen The Future
06. With Every Step
07. Hologram
08. Spade Is The Anti-Heart
09. Chinese Sword
10. 1000 Years
11. Your Shadow
12. Pasila Night Drive


Miikka Koivisto – Vocals & Keyboards
Jussi Ylikoski – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mikko Hakila – Drums
Lasse Lindfors – Bass


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discoensemble warriors


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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