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Artist: Dordeduh
Title: Dar De Duh
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 27th September 2012
Label: Lupus Lounge / Prophecy Productions

Album Review

DORDEDUH is a Black Metal (with a difference) band from Romania, its origin rooted in another band, Negură Bunget, from which two of the members splintered off to form a band of their own. Let’s get some background on the album: ‘Dar De Duh’ focuses on various cultural and esoteric backgrounds with the number seven and its symbolic content, mainly with reference to the seven levels of spiritual development and the old Romanian tradition to personalize the seven days of the week and that the in relation to the seven planets classical astrology to set.” The translation of the ‘Dar De Duh’ itself is said to mean ‘yearning for the spirit’.”

The compositions are in lieu with this spiritual task to map humanity’s search for its essence given a feeling of spatial expanse and its dreaminess entangled with both Black Metal classic sounds and yet with more room for folk. The way they’re intertwined and the previously described feelings make it feel experimental, even original in a way, yet what is missing is that enthralling visceral reaction you get when hearing such stuff. Maybe because it feels more like that it is trying to be that way rather than perfectly-at-ease-with-itself being-ness, so it’s suspended in this place between, maybe as the band is looking at its roots and yet simultaneously it's looking forward its own path, trying to dislocate itself from the past. An interesting album.


01. Jind De Tronuri
02. Flacararii
03. E-an-na
04. Calea Rotilor De Foc
05. Pandarul
06. Zuh
07. Cumpat
08. Dojana


Hupogrammos - vocals/guitars/keyboards/traditional instruments
Sol Faur - guitars/keyboards/traditional instruments
Flavius Misaras - bass
Ovidiu Mihaita - percussion & drums
Arioch - keyboards
Thelemnar - drums & percussion
Sergio Ponti - drums & percussion
Gallalin - traditional instruments

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dordeduh dardeduh


Music: 7.5
Sound: 7
Total: 7.25 / 10

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