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bombus thepoetandtheparrot
Artist: Bombus
Album: The Poet And The Parrot
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 23th August 2013
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

BOMBUS unleash their sophomore effort from Sweden entitled 'The Poet And The Parrot.' Similar to their debut album, they like to keep their sound simple and raw in the vein of late era DARKTHRONE meets BLACK SABBATH. Some tracks like ‘Apparatus’ are fast, heavy and aggressive with the right amount of riffage to get fans of the late 80s to have some faith again in metal these days. Of course the vocals aren't quite what some might expect- when one thinks of heavy metal they consider more of a power metal style singing in the vein of DIO. BOMBUS have more of a raspy bark that would appeal to stoner rock/ sludge metal fans, but the pace of the music doesn't really suit that style.

Other tracks like ‘Liars’ are performed at a slow pace but don't really carry that whole doom n' gloom atmosphere. In fact, many of the tracks seem more upbeat and energetic, such as ‘Master The Reality’ which features some of the better solos on the album. The guitars feature some of the best solos here. In contrast, ‘Into The Fire’ is much slower, drawn out, and more SABBATH influenced as it churns along, but doesn't quite touch the mark on being anything crushing. Three quarters of the way through the music picks up and it just features a shroud of noise with the backing guitars chugging along and the single notes of lead guitar tearing through which is enjoyable to hear.

Still, when the album is finished most listeners won't be left bedazzled because BOMBUS doesn't really present that ground-breaking signature sound. Their subtlety is surprising as they mix the two genres together for a solid album that neither surpasses nor does injustice for their debut. If one is a fan of heavy metal or stoner rock in general, then BOMBUS will be quite appealing to them.


01. Enter the Night - 3:02
02. The Poet and the Parrot - 7:37
03. Liars - 5:10
04. A Safe Passage - 4:13
05. Apparatus - 2:58
06. Let Her Die - 4:18
07. Master the Reality - 5:32
08. Into the Fire - 7:20


Feffe- Guitars, Vocals
Matte- Guitars, Vocals
Peter- Drums
Jonas- Bass


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bombus thepoetandtheparrot


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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