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Artist: Bombus
Title: Repeat Until Death
Genre: Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock
Release Date: 26th February 2016
Label: Century Media Records

Review Flash

The Swedish Hard Rock/ Metal outfit BOMBUS was brought together in 2008 by drummer Frederik “Fefe“ Berglund  and guitarist Mattias “Matte“ Säker. A year later the band was completed by bassist Ulf Lundén and drummer Peter Asp (ex-Mary Beats Jane), their first record came out in the same year. This is BOMBUS third act and I, personally think they will go places. The music sounds like SENTENCED but not depressed at all, this is all about fun and metal and good, catchy melodies. Feffe and Matte’s vocals are rough(think of LORDI but in a cool, not cheesy way).

Conclusion: This band already has an audience of that I am sure, ‘Deadweight’ is a fun song that makes me think of pirates (don't ask) all in all I think if you listen to this record a few times you find a few treasures.

Rating: 8 / 10

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