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caliban ghostempire
Artist: Caliban
Title: Ghost Empire
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: 24th January 2014
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

CALIBAN is a German Metalcore band, founded in 1997. Their debut ‘A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven’ was in released in 1999 via Lifeforce, nowadays the band is signed to Century Media Records. Their most recent and eighth studio record ‘Ghost Empire’ is released in January 2014 and follows up on ‘I Am Nemesis’ (2009).

‘Ghost Empire’ opens up with the strong and in advanced released ‘King’, which depicts one of the strongest songs on the album. CALIBAN combine harsh metalcore riffs with fast drumming and an interesting mixture of vocals – clean ones are joined by screams and shouts. Furthermore, they prove capable of creating catchy and at times almost epic melodies, which become prominent in the choruses. Consequently, ‘Ghost Empire’ proves to be a conclusive succession of ‘I Am Nemesis’, although arguably the most recent album includes more experimental elements – more vocal variety, electronic samplers and modern song structures. With ‘nebeL’, CALIBAN also include a song with German lyrics – CALLEJON singer Basti is featured with guest vocals as well. On ‘I Am Ghost’, a lot of tempo changes are included, varying from fast drumming to slower parts.

With ‘yOUR Song’, CALIBAN present a title that is most obviously intended for a live audience – with group shouts and a sing-along rhythm. ‘Cries And Whispers’ is dominated by a rather calm and almost emotional chorus, whereas ‘Good Man’ sounds pretty modern and at times Deathcore-influenced, due to the prominent use of breakdowns. In contrast, ‘I Am Rebellion’ is a slower song with a hymn-like mood. ‘Who We Are’ also uses group shouts and also some atonal notes in the riffing. With ‘My Vertigo’, ‘Ghost Empire’ finishes off in an unsurprising way. On this album, CALIBAN illustrate their ability to combine harshness with melody and experiments. The production is very forceful, yet too sterile and does not allow enough room for details and dynamic variety.  


01. King
02. Chaos - Creation
03. Wolves And Rats
04. nebeL
05. I Am Ghost
06. Devil's Night
07. yOUR Song
08. Cries And Whispers
09. Good Man
10. I Am Rebellion
11. Who We Are
12. My Vertigo


Marc Görtz – Guitar
Denis Schmidt – Guitar & Vocals
Andy Dörner – Vocals
Patrick Grün – Drums
Marco Schaller – Bass

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caliban ghostempire


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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