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edenbridge thebonding
Artist: Edenbridge
Title: The Bonding
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Release Date: 21st June 2013
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Album Review

The new album of Austrian symphonic metal act EDENBRIDGE came out in summer and finally I’ve got a chance to listen to it. Actually that is really a good chance because the material appears to be just great, not too heavy or bombastic but interesting. I haven’t heard the previous creations of the band so there’s no point to compare the latest release with its predecessors, draw parallels or else. That’s why let’s get down to the thing under review entitled ‘The Bonding’.

The powerful, impressive beginning immediately reminds that it’s still metal when strong, pushing guitar riffs, strict rhythm combine with the wonderful vocals of Sabine Edelsbacher. But EDENBRIDGE allows a listener not only to enjoy the beautiful vocals, but also to appreciate the instrumental fragments, original, intricate, sometimes with the shades of fantasy or romance. The lyrics, nice and complicated also make the contribution to the whole dreamy atmosphere. And in general all this mixture captivates with the very first seconds. However in that way I can describe any song off the album as all of them convey the same romantic mood and maintain the atmosphere created at the beginning.

Among my personal highlights I’d like to mention ‘Star-Crossed Dreamer” and very beautiful ballad ‘Death Is not the End’. But the most peculiar track turns to be the title one whose length is about 15 minutes. At first it may not seem too interesting but the best part starts closer to the end and sounds amazing. So it’s one more reason to listen to the album to finally discover that expressiveness. All in all the 8th studio album of EDENBRIDGE is worthy to listen to without a doubt even if you are not a big fan of such music. ‘The Bonding’ differs from music you may be used to call ‘metal’ with its variety and tunefulness and that’s really great!


01. Mystic Rider – 7:13
02. A Light a New Tomorrow – 3:53
03. Star-Crossed Dreamer – 4:00
04. The Invisible Force – 5:26
05. Into a Sea of Souls – 4:58
06. Far out of Reach – 6:09
07. Shadows of My Memory – 5:37
08. Death Is not the End – 5:45
09. The Bonding – 15:26


Sabine Edelsbacher – Vocals
Lanvall – Guitar, Keyboards
Max Pointner – Drums
Dominik Sebastian – Guitar
Wolfgang Rothbauer – Bass

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edenbridge thebonding


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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