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crematory antiserum
Artist: Crematory
Title: Antiserum
Genre: Gothic Metal / Death Metal / Electronic
Release Date: 24th February 2014
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Album Review

CREMATORY are back with a new album titled ‘Antiserum’, their first album in their new label Steamhammer / SPV. In this album CREMATORY are taking a big risk, they change their sound to a more electro orientated sound. In almost all of their albums they used some electronic elements but in this one they have the main role. Many parts of the album are influenced by bands like COMBICHRIST,RAMMSTEIN,PROJECT PITCHFORK and DEATHSTARS something which happens for first time in a CREMATORY record. Some things that remains the same is the growl vocals of Felix, Matthias’ guitar riffs (not many but there are some) and the German and English lyrics. My favourite tracks of the album are 'Until The End', 'Irony Of Fate', 'If You Believe' and 'Virus'.

The sound of the album is very good, something that was always one of the band's strong points. Unfortunately there are 3-4 bad songs in the album and this is the main weakness of ‘Antiserum’. I think with this album the old fans of the band will be disappointed because of the Electro/ EBM influences, the latest fans of the band will be pleased and hopefully the band will gain some new fans from the Dark Electro, EBM scene.


01. Apocalyptic Vision
02. Until the end
03. Shadowmaker
04. If you believe
05. Inside your eyes  
06. Kommt näher 
07. Irony of fate 
08. Virus
09. Back from the dead
10. Welcome
11. Antiserum


Felix – Vocals
Matthias – Guitars & Vocals
Harald – Bass
Katrin – Keyboards & Samples 
Markus – Drums & Programmings


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crematory antiserum


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Total: 7 / 10

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