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cardillaccomplex forgottenreasons
Artist: Cardillac Complex
Title: Forgotten Reasons
Genre: Dark Glam-Rock
Release Date: 26th April 2013
Label: Self Released

Album Review

Be careful how you market yourself seems to be the key here. Dark Glam-Rock? There is nothing even remotely glam here, just five blokes, predictably decked-out in uniform black, playing slightly morose, but ultimately uninspiring Rock. Then there’s the equally predictable vocal, low-register, crushingly banal and at times frighteningly over-earnest. Mr Arntz clearly takes himself very, very seriously.

‘Forgotten Reasons’ buzzes past on chuggy guitars and there’s a bit of sleazy riffing on ‘Shadowplay’, but a half-arsed chorus lets it down, and already it’s all sounding a bit too amateurish. A lone, rather weedy synth opens ‘Der Weg’. This one benefits from being sung in German, but it’s still sparse in a way that doesn’t suit. Sparse is good when the open spaces are deliberate, but this sounds tired and empty and desperately in need of some fizz. ‘Control’ is similarly lead-footed, like it’s straining to get some pace but is being held back by a sense of keeping it all safe. Perhaps it works better live. Who knows.

Last song ‘Belief II’ is gently strummed and aims for Big Rock ballad, and with its synth-string section filling out the sound, it’s not too bad. The singing is flat at times though, perhaps the sound engineer was having a doze. Oh, and after six minutes, with no end in sight, I went off and did a spot of gardening. It’s an EP. It’s not very good. Move along, there’s nothing for you here.


01. Forgotten Reasons
02. Shadowplay
03. Der Weg
04. Control
05. Belief II


Ole Arntz – Vocals, acoustic guitars
Tobias Ide – Guitars, backing vocals
Matthias Teuber – Bass, backing vocals
Christoph Schmidt  - Drums
Alexander Van Stein – Keyboards

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cardillaccomplex forgottenreasons


Music: 3
Sound: 3
Total: 3 / 10

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