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dragonforce maximumoverload
Artist: Dragonforce
Title: Maximum Overload
Genre: Power/Speed Metall
Release Date: 18th August 2014
Label: earMusic/ Edel

Album Review

DRAGONFORCE is a British metal band formed in 1999 by former singer ZP Theart, Bassist Steve Scott, guitarists Sam Totman and Herman Li (both ex-DEMONIAC), drummer Matej Setinc (too ex- DEMONIAC) and keyboarder Steve Williams. The band originally went by the name DRAGONHEART under which they recorded their first demo ‘Valley of the Damned’ in 1999. Williams and Scott soon left the band to form the band POWER QUEST this was soon followed by the renaming into DRAGONFORCE. It took four years for the band to  score their first record contract with Noise Records. They recorded and released their first two outputs with Noise Records then switched to Roadrunner Records. After two more records and a growing fan base (especially in Japan), DRAGONFORCE parted ways with singer ZP Theart because of “musical differences“. On the second of March 2011 the band announced that they had found a new vocalist in Marc Hudson.

It is Sunday and I am listening to the new record of the Hudson era. When these guys say they play speed metal they mean business, serious fucking business. Everything about DRAGONFORCE is fast, the guitars, the drumming and even the singer (hell of a singer by the way), sometimes like in ‘Symphony of the Night’ the music is kind of cheesy but thrilling, fast and well played nonetheless. Herman Li and Sam Totman are true guitar heroes in the best of ways (who the fuck is Yngwie Malmsteen?). Vadim Pruzhanov`s keyboard ought to be switched once per record I presume because of how fast he is attacking the poor thing. I once again am at a loss of words to describe the skills of the bass player Frédéric Leclercq`s skills because I am not able to detect the bass in all this power metal overkill (sorry guys). All in all this is a very nice record with every trademark of the band, the song ‘The Sun is Dead’ is clearly a highlight of this record.


01. The Game
02. Tomorrow`s Kings
03. No More
04. Three Hammers
05. Symphony of the Night
06. The Sun is Dead
07. Defenders
08. Extraction Zone
09. City of Gold
10. Ring of Fire


Herman Li - Guitar, backing vocals
Sam Totman - Guitar, backing vocals
Frédéric Leclercq - Bass, backing vocals
Vadim Pruzhanov - Keyboards, backing vocals
Marc Hudson - Lead vocals
Gee Anzalone - Drums, backing vocals


Cover Picture

dragonforce maximumoverload


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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