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dopestarsinc terapunk
Artist: Dope Stars Inc.
Title: Terapunk
Genre: Industrial / Electronic
Release Date: 13th February 2015 (digital)
Label: Subsound / Cargo Records

Album Review

Italian industrial formation DOPE STARTS INC. was founded in 2003 and during about 12 years of its existence managed to attract a sincere interest of lovers of electronic and not only electronic music, also thanks to the debut work ‘Neuromance’. Thus this year the band releases their latest effort entitled ‘Terapunk’ which includes 10 tracks, producing an ambiguous impression. The musicians definitely don’t want to limit themselves playing just electronic or mere industrial.

In whole the songs, presented on the record can be described as sufficiently aggressive, dynamic, smashingly tough and rhythmic, with a touch of industrial and an impact of punk, or maybe, cyberpunk. The album doesn’t contain too many electronic effects, samples and at this point it seems to be just great. It starts with intensive ‘It’s going to rain for you’ in which a strict, clear-cut melody is getting stronger every second revealing its crazy energy. Of course, it can be said about almost all the compositions. They are quite danceable and it may be even hard to notice when one piece stops and another starts, as the music is rushing in a single stream almost all the time.

On the other hand the main melodic line changes unexpectedly within one song, for a short time just to give a listener a sort of relief before another sonic attack. The manner of singing is not too bad in general, but also it’s not too impressive. The music seems to be interesting and captivating, powerful and driving enough but after listening to several songs written almost in a similar way, one may actually get bored. However all the pieces have their moments and lovers and sympathizers of electronic music won’t be disappointed. Without a doubt ‘Terapunk’ is meant for clubs, but not for simply listening yet it’s just a matter of taste.


01. It’s Going to Rain for You – 2:47
02. Many Thanks – 4:307
03. Don’t Wanna Know – 3:59
04. Take It – 4:23
05. Do It Yourself – 3:14
06. Along With You – 5:57
07. You Have no Chance – 2:50
08. Dressed Inside Your Fear – 5:24
09. Spider Claw – 3:47
10. The Believer – 4:14


Victor Love – Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizers, Drum Machine
La Nuit – Guitar
Darin Yevonde – Bass
Ash Rexy – Keyboards, DJ
Andreas Delorean – Drums

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dopestarsinc terapunk


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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