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 D4S9671 kleinWestfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany
4th March 2020

DEICHKIND are back here, they’re starting again! Into the world, which means in the boards. With everything and everyone. For the masses and all classes. Pro Bonum versus Malum! There is a new tour, there is a new record, then new videos. DEICHKIND celebrate with the addictions, commerce the art, love the collective power, rhyme the time and bring anyway the fattest rumble.

Only the lobster is missing. Optically, we have an impression. Musically, it’s about super pressure on the Twelve. Content-wise it is all about the sum. DEICHKIND leave nothing out, do not even ignore the future, and even have a past. DEICHKIND refine themselves roughly and enlarge again really. DEICHKIND 2020: But is that still a party? Of course! But already now there are new elements when it comes to monster trucks, stage technic, visual design, monster light and of course extreme outfits. During their German tour, DEICHKIND also stopped at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. /

 D4S9569 klein

Music & Performance
DEICHKIND, that’s social criticism with a lot of humor, plus fat basses and a brilliant stage show. There was no support act, instead cool songs from the P.A. (I was i.e. happy about ‘personal Jesus’ by DEPECHE MODE) were rushing over the audience, accompanied with their videos, before a ten-minutes video was shown - a Werner Herzog audio with actor Lars Eidinger in the video. Finally, the show started with ‘Keine Party’. With their funny costumes and formidable stage show, the convinced also the Dortmund audience at once. Of course some things always stay the same. During the concert, all band members steadily change clothes and also the stage setting is changing. The show lasted about 2.5 hours and contained of course lots of songs from the new album ‘Wer sagt denn das’ but of course also the big hits ‘Bück Dich hoch’, ‘Leider Geil’ and ‘Remmidemmi’.

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DEICHKIND are surely known for their imaginative shows and a lot of party mood on and in front of stage. Hip-Hop as leading element of their music transports their message. Within the concert, there were lots of show elements. They were driving in a huge beer barrels through the hall, waving flags, and of course there was the crowd-surfing on the well-known inflatable boat. Happy band and happy fans at the end!

01. Intro (Werner Herzog Audio + Video with Lars Eidinger)
02. Keine Party
03. Richtig gutes Zeug
04. So'ne Musik
05. Dinge
06. Quasi
07. Knallbonbon
08. Endlich autonom
09. Party 2
10. Cliffhänger
11. Die Welt ist fertig
12. Wer sagt denn das?
13. Voodoo
14. Ich bin ein Geist
15. Gewinne Gewinne
16. Illegale Fans
17. Untravel (Rival Consoles song) (Intermission (screen))
18. Bück dich hoch (Billie Eilish - Bad Guy snipped)
19. Leider geil (Leider geil)
20. Komm schon!
21. Bon Voyage
22. Alles außer Sunshine
23. Oma gib Handtasche
24. Arbeit nervt
25. Bude voll People
26. Roll das Fass rein
27. Niveau Weshalb Warum
28. Hört ihr die Signale (with snippet of The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
29. 1000 Jahre Bier
30. Sonate in F-Doll
31. Limit
32. Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah)
33. Outro: White Room (Cream song)

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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