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BroilersStadion Essen, Essen, Germany
9th July 2022
Broilers - “Alles wird wieder OK” Tour 2022 - Support: FEVER 333 & Social Distortion

The tour already started on 23th May in Frankfurt am Main. Most stops were or will be in Germany, but they also had Venlo (NL) and Vienna (Austria) on their list. Next stops will be Dresden and Hamburg. Berlin needed to be extended, so you may see Broilers on 5th and 6th August at Waldbühne. The tour is done by Hamburg and Münster based Kingstar Music. It’s been a little windy in Essen, but it was dry and mostly sunny. Stadion Essen got filled up with concert-hungry fans, so who cares about wind and temperatures?


These California guys were opening up the show. Founded in 2017 the band grew up fast and already made it to Grammy nomination in 2019. Their sound is based somewhere between Rock and Punk, but it‘s salted with some Rap sequences as well. Although the stadium was only half filled at this time, they got the crowds on their side fast. If you like LINKIN PARK, EMIL BULLS and similar bands, you should have an ear on FEVER 333.

01. Bite back
02. Only one
03. Made an America
04. One of us
05. Out of control
06. Trigger
07. Burn it
08. Hunting season

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Social Distortion

Second band in Essen and routined after more than 40 years on stage. SOCIAL DISTORTION felt a little too routined for me. Not much words to the people and very low dynamic on stage. Yes, their sound was good and they did their job, too. But that’s it. No extra mile. It’s been my first show with SD and maybe they only had a bad day. Their songs followed me for so many years now and for sure, they’ll still do in a couple of years. It’s that special kind of story telling what keeps this sound alive.

01. Bad luck
02. So far away
03. Wasn’t born to follow
04. Sick boys
05. Machine gun blues
06. Prison bound
07. Gotta know the rules
08. Tonight
09. Dear lover
10. Don’t drag me down
11. Story of my life
12. Ring of fire

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When BROILERS entered the stage, the stadium was already filled with 25,000 people. The infield was nearly burning. Several circle pits and crowds throwing their arms in the air. While security seemed to have a light job until here, this changed within seconds. Crowd surfers where ever you look had to be picked up at the stage ditch. Wow, what an atmosphere down there. Sammy Amara had a lot to talk and it seems like this is what BROILERS fans expect. It’s all about standing together and being kind to each other. Hearing 25,000 people call “Nazis raus!” gives you some goosebumps.

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Already half the tour is done, but you still feel the energy like on the first show. What an event. Whenever you can get to a BROILERS show, take the chance and let them take you on a ride. You’ll never forget a BROILERS show - promised! The show ended with a fantastic firework.

01. Zurück zum Beton
02. Gib das Schiff nicht auf
03. Meine Familie
04. Tanzt du noch einmal mit mir
05. Paul der Hooligan
06. Schwer verliebter Hooligan
07. Wo es hingeht
08. Die Beste aller Zeiten
09. Harter Weg
10. Ace of Spades (Mille from Kreator)
11. Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet (Mille from Kreator) / Stand by me
12. Held in unserer Mitte
13. Da bricht das Herz
14. Ihr da oben
15. Nach Hause kommen
16. Lofi
17. Iin 80 Tagen um die Welt
18. Wie weit wir gehen
19. Alles wird wieder OK!
20. Zusammen
21. 33 RPM
22. Ist da jemand
23. Ruby light and dark
24. Alice und Sarah
25. Nur nach vorne gehen
26. Nicht alles endet irgendwann
27. Cigarettes & whisky
28. Meine Sache
29. Blume

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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All pictures by Markus Holzer

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