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ClutchDen Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
21st August 2022
Clutch - “Go Forth Ad Infinitum XXII Tour”

On Sunday, the US rockers from CLUTCH were guests at the Den Atelier in the capital of Luxembourg and proved that despite playing plenty of festivals this summer, they are not tired of rocking the stage. The A was definitely well attended, and you could tell that the audience was a mixed bunch of all ages. Older as well as younger CLUTCH fans were at the show and didn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the rockers.

CLUTCH is an American rock band from Germantown, Maryland. Since its formation in 1991, the band line-up has included Tim Sult (lead guitar), Dan Maines (bass), Jean-Paul Gaster (drums), and Neil Fallon (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards). To date, CLUTCH has released twelve studio albums, and several rarities and live albums. Their new record ‘Sunrise on Slaughter Beach’ will be released this September.

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Music & Performance
A little later than scheduled, CLUTCH came on stage at 9.15pm, waved to the audience and started immediately with ‘50.000 Unstoppable Watts’ before they continued with ‘El Jefe Speaks’ and ‘Mountain of Bone’. The front rows were into it from the beginning to the end and sang along loudly. A bit later, during ‘D.C. Sound Attack!’, for example, you could notice that the people standing a bit in the back were slowly waking up and were moving more. I don’t think this was because of the band, as CLUTCH put on a sensational show that evening. Especially when you consider that they have been on tour for weeks and play a lot of festivals on this run.

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The gig at Den Atelier is one of the few indoor shows on this tour in Europe, and also one of the last until they come back in November. Lead singer Neil Fallon obviously had fun performing and was like a whirlwind on stage during some of the songs. After all these years, he still sounds exactly like on the album, a really strong vocal performance from him this time too. The audience was not deprived of new songs from the upcoming album, either. So ‘Mountain of Bone’, ‘Slaughter Beach’ and ‘Nosferatu Madre’ were part of the setlist. Classics like ‘X-Ray Visions’, ‘Firebirds’ and ‘Electric Worry’ were of course also played and brought Den Atelier to the boil on this summer evening. CLUTCH is simply a tremendous live band and has found a great niche with their characteristic sound.

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They don’t need a huge stage set, no special effects, and no other gimmicks. Their songs, their charisma, and a great light show are enough to fill halls and captivate the audience. With ‘Earthrocker’, ‘Noble Savage’ and ‘The Face’, the US band gave everything at the end and sent the sweaty fans home again.

01. 50.000 Unstoppable Watts
02. El Jefe Speaks
03. Mountain of Bone
04. The Soapmakers
05. Willie Nelson
06. Slaughter Beach
07. D.C. Sound Attack!
08. In Walks Barbarella
09. Nosferatu Madre
10. Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks
11. X-Ray Visions
12. Firebirds
13. Burning Beard
14. 7 JAM
15. Mice and Gods
16. Electric Worry
17. Fortunate Son
18. Earthrocker
19. Noble Savage
20. The Face

Music: 9
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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