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Title: Lovesick Society
Artist: Agonised by Love
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 6th June 2008
Label: Alfa Matrix

Album Review

This Year’s single release ‘Southern Sun’ by Polish band AGONISED BY LOVE was an appetizer of what was to follow in June with the new album ‘Lovesick Society’, the first full-length since a long time, highly anticipated by the fans.

Since ‘Southern Sun’ couldn’t convince me completely, I was curious if the full album would be able to do that trick. The initial sequence of ‘Aspero Solo Te’ in its original version with haunting piano glimpses and low choral lines sound promising and even in the later course there’s quite some parts like the neo-classical elements I like, but the song as a whole doesn’t carry me away. ‘Colours of the Rain’ carries a calmer mood; initially menacing sound collages build up to turn into an overly weightless and yearning tune. The rhythm is very nicely crafted with powerful percussions mixed with electronic drums. ‘Shelter’ was one of the tracks on the preceding single which I really came to like due to its extensive use of the piano and the fitting balladry character.

Quite the opposite is the track ‘Control’, starting out with a spoken word performance by Rafal and then reaching out for a more club-friendly approach with straight rhythms and the like. ‘The Hottest Summer in the History’ fully applies itself to laid-back soundscapes of a ballad and no matter how many times I listen to it, the spark doesn’t spring over. With the last track ‘Ultraviolent Luna’ they’re knocking out an atmospherically laden, giving you the feeling of listening to a dream sequence. Not bad.

‘Lovesick Society’ isn’t really a revelation, though they can come up with a good production, it’s the same thing as with the single. It’s ok, but not convincing enough for me to really stand-out.


01. Aspetto Solo Te – 5:49
02. Brothers – 5:25
03. Magnolia – 5:17
04. Colours Of The Galaxy – 6:55
05. Shelter – 5:32
06. Control You – 4:01
07. Southern Sun – 5:52
08. Alienation, Fear, Despair – 4:29
09. The Hottest Summer In The History – 4:35
10. My Way – 4:32
11. Ultraviolent Duna (Intro) – 0:55
12. Ultraviolet Duna – 4:52


Rafal Tomaszczuk - Vocals
Bartosz ‘H_12’ Hervy - Keyboards, E-Drums, Effects, Samples
Wojciech Pawlowski - Guitars

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Music: 6
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6.5 / 10


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