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Club Studio, Krakow, Poland
30th June 2006
Blue Moon Festival: MonsterGod, SoundQ, d'Archangel, Agonised by Love, Rotersand, Apoptygma Berzerk

The festival organized by the Polish Independent Agency Blue Moon had been long discussed as the event of the year. And whatever could be said about the number of audience or importance of the said happening – it was really well-organized, planned and prepared chance for the people of all places in Poland to meet and enjoy great music. It took place in one of the biggest clubs in Krakow – club Studio - which offered plenty of space, equipment of high quality and polite security guards. The whole party was about to start at 4.00, but due to the prolonged rehearsals it all began at about 5.30.

My general impression of the event is that the music presented on the particular concerts was very good, very well performed and thrilling. All the musicians didn't seem to save energy and effort to tear the audience apart which in turn wasted their throats, muscles and (sometimes) shoes in response. Obviously, as it usually happens on such gigs, the stars were given most attention. However, I must say that the local bands were highly appraised, too. Good sign! Though the audience was rather small (probably the reason for that was the date – Friday is the day when most people still have to go to work, unfortunately) they managed to prove their enthusiasm and engagement in a decent degree ;) The only disadvantage of the whole gig were lights – very poor indeed – I understand the light technician had his idea of creating the proper 'atmosphere', however, the atmosphere may mean something more than cosy darkness we were surrounded by at times...

In the meantime there was a gothic fashion show by Diva Izazela which was quite entertaining and when the concert part was over the after party began, but as I felt totally devastated I went out to catch my train and got back home.


MonsterGod is a band that was established in 2004 and it is inspired by electro-industrial, EBM and independent groups such as Laibach, Suicide Commando, The Sisters of Mercy and many, many more. At the beginning of 2006 MonsterGod released their first demo CD "Newborn Monster". The band: Schnitter (vocals, keyboards, sampling) and Smola (keyboards, sampling, programming). Live Crew: Radek (guitars). /   

So far I've had a chance to see MonsterGod twice and those two times (ok, two times and numerous maniacal listening to their demo ;)) were enough to make me appreciate their music. The artists that create danceable, electro music are always in danger of making poor, repetitive plagiarisms of the masters of the genre rather than valuable, punching and energetic pieces. MonsterGod are definitely not imitating anyone, on the contrary – years of experience in other formations (TRH and Egoist) - helped them to establish their unique style, which, though reveals their inspirations, is definitely not a tracing paper for the music achievements of other artists. The music played by the band is a mixture of pulsating sounds, rhythmical passages and low, a bit hoarse voice that passes through all vocalic shades – from disquieting whispers to piercing exclamations. Sometimes threatening, sometimes ironic, Schnitter's vocal is a perfect link that combines cold sounds of keyboards with those of the guitar.

The performance of the band was a bit static – like most of the shows that evening - and the audience's reaction was restrainedly positive (plus enthusiastic at times). Still, I must say that for now on  MonsterGod appears to me as the most promising of all Polish bands as far as electro industrial music is concerned.

01. Intro
02. Composure
03. Revenant
04. Obsession
05. Samurai
06. Touchell
07. Spowiedź
08. Smile
09. Little girl lost
10. Shake the disease (Depeche Mode cover)

Music: 10
Performance: 5
Sound: 7
Light: 2
Total: 7 (6.9)


The band was started in 2003. So far they've released a demo CD. As their inspiration they enumerate Milan Kundera, U2, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jaromir Nohavica, Sigur Ros, Bohumil Hrabal, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage and many others. The band: Cube (vocals, synths and programming, production), Jaro (bass, production) and DJ Furlag (vinylistic stuff).

To be honest it's hard for me to write about that particular band as they played the music I'm not particularly familiar with, namely electronica / trip hop / alternative. It was a kind of a break between all the electro, dark wave, and EBM sounds, but I think no one was deafened or lulled; the reaction of the people gathered by the scene was rather friendly. The band is a freshman as far a the concerts are concerned, the vocalist himself admitted that it was the third concert in their entire career ... Still, as far as I can guess, rather than state firmly, they did just fine – my impression was just that the vocalist is able to use his intriguing, extremely beautiful voice quite skilfully and the instruments do not obtrude their power on the vocal line.

The performance was a vocalist show mostly – his behaviour on the scene proved pure joy of the act of singing and the contact with the audience seemed to delight him. If I was to put it short - therapeutic music would be the best description for their artistic output.

01. At times
02. How far I can go
03. Nowy
04. Cocoon
05. Think pink
06. A prayer to the def
07. Spectress
08. Reindeers song
09. Trolley

Music: 6
Performance: 4
Sound: 7
Light: 3
Total: 5 (5.1)


D'Archangel was started in 2001 creating their own music style and having many fans. Their inspiration is rock, but you'll find many electronic sounds and dance beats in music they create. All those elements, mixed with pretty melodies and guitar riffs will make unforgettable impression to the audience.  In 2004 their first CD "demo" was released. In 2006 the new guitarist, Marek Lazarz, started to play with the band. The band: Robert „Angelo” Kurczbuch (vocals, programming), Krzysztof „Steffan” Kmieć (bass, additional vocal), Katarzyna Proć (keyboards) and Marek Lazarz (guitar).

D'Archangel is the band of the well established quality and brand among other Polish dark wave groups. Performing for many years and evoking both enthusiasm and appreciations among the audience they managed to strengthen their position by means of their energetic, engaged shows and danceable, melodious pieces that evoke associations with Wolfsheim and Clan of Xymox in the utmost degree. Their performances are always the presentation of emotional approach towards the music and complete engagement in what they do – the audience seem to sense and appreciate that kind of an attitude, as no matter where they play – being it their home city or other places – the feedback is always extremely positive. During Blue Moon Festival the band presented the pieces of their demo album as well as the newly composed tracks, all set in a nice rhythmical, energetic, smooth and dynamic, though not harsh style. The audience, already familiar with their songs gathered by the scene and let themselves go quite nicely...

01. Tomorrow
02. Alone
03. Harmonized
04. Klajpeda
05. We dance alone
06. Mistakes
07. Fall
08. Zawsze biegne
09. Send me an angel (cover)

Music: 8
Performance: 4
Sound: 7
Light: 4
Total: 6 (6.1)

Agonised by Love

AbL's music is similar to Deine Lakaien, Diary Of Dreams, Diorama and related. So far they've released the EPCD “Close Behind You" and a CD "All Of White Horizons". The band: Rafal Tomaszczuk (vocals) and Mariusz Gryciuk (keyboards).  /

When someone mentions the band Agonised by Love, the first reaction is usually “yeah, those of 'Silent War' right?”. Honestly, the track may be justly called their flag track, as it's extremely popular and appreciated among electro music fans. Very melodious and yet not ostentatiously sentimental, combines the rhythm and smooth vocal line in a perfect way to satisfy the taste of lovers who want to dance in a sweet embrace at the disco as well as the dance floor devils. And so is the bands music in general – well-balanced, emotional at times, but not falling to a kind of a ballad-ism. Their show during Blue Moon Festival was a demonstration of the vocalist's vitality and musical skills and for those who - like me - last saw the band during Castle Party 2005 – additionally a proof of the progress the band has made since then.  I saw some of the audience dancing and singing, another proof that the band managed to convince Polish fans to their music ideas.

04. after dark (intro)
02. Silent war
03. Little ghost
04. Frozen in me
05. Just perfect sin
06. Shelter
07. Close behind you

Music: 8
Performance: 4
Sound: 7
Light: 4
Total: 6 (6.1)


Rotersand was formed by Rasc and Gun in September 2002; later in 2002 Krischan E. Wesenberg joined the band. Their music could be described as a danceable knock down that leaves no fan of fast beat indifferent. Their discography includes: " merging oceans", "truth is fanatic, "electronic world transmission", "social distortion", "exterminate annihilate destroy", "welcome to goodbye" and "dare to live" /

Before I get to describing the performance of Rotersand, I have to say that those who dared to pilgrimage to Krakow on that day were divided into two groups: those who were going there to see APB mostly and those, strong at heart, knowing no fear ;) who would do anything to witness Rotersand playing live. I was in the second group, so no surprise my throat was devastated, my body drilled like hell after the show of my favourite band. And it wasn't only me – I was standing there in the crowd of people screaming, yelling, stamping, dancing like hell's angels (and believe me, dancing to Rotersand is not a waltz, definitely no!) and presenting all other symptoms of total addition to that musical incarnation of energy, strength and passion. To be honest – when the band played the track  “exterminate annihilate destroy” it was as if all the people went completely insane – singing it as if a hymn of destruction and violence; obedient soldiers allowing the sound take control over their bodies, dancing together and yet not revealing aggression - which was splendid. Amazing reaction of the audience! Truly, I couldn't distance myself from all what was happening there to observe the progress of action coolheaded and to review it objectively as I should, as I was totally spirited away by the power of music, vocalist's charisma and this collective outburst of madness. Such concerts make me think that electro music is not to be measured by brainy calculations, but by the ability of its fans to stand its impact! Even when the pace of music was slowing down like in case of “One level down” the people around me still looked charmed.  That was quite the experience and I'm sure the fans were more than delighted! As to the performance – at certain moment the vocalist ran off the stage and mixed with the crowd – that was great! For me – one of the best concert in Poland this year!

01. Merging oceans
02. Almost violent
03. Almost wasted
04. Electronic world transmission
05. One level down
06. Exterminate annihilate destroy
07. Last ship
08. Undone
09. Lifelight
10. The fire

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 9 (8.8)

Apoptygma Berzerk

The band was formed in 1989 by Stephan Groth and Jon Erik Martinsen. Their music is an empathetic, danceable electro that is evolving and changing with each subsequent album. They've over 20 releases featuring their artistic output with the recent one entitled “Love to Blame” released in June 2006. Band members: Stephan L. Groth, Geir Bratland, Fredrik Brarud, Angel and Anders Odden. /

No point pretending – the Apoptygma Berzerk concert was the clue of the evening! The band presented something what could justly be called “the show” - all the members of the band had a wonderful contact with the audience and the hands of the fans that were waving in the air without a single break for the whole concert were the best mark of the emotional quality of the performance. Complete madness – that's what was happening by the stage! Madness and release of the enthusiasm, joy and energy – it was like burst of endorphins into the air and a scream of pure delight. Before the concert there had been long debates going on, whether the band was going to perform the old or the new songs – well, in the end, all seemed satisfied – all the pieces were combined with the old ones prevailing. This was not only the only concert which attracted most of the audience by the stage, but which also allowed the people to release the energy cumulated during long hours of waiting for their favourites. All the members of the band participated in the performance and tried to be as close to their audience as possible. That was really great experience!

01. Eclipse
02. You Keep Me From Breaking Apart
03. Tuning In To The Frequency Of Your Soul
04. Spiritual Reality
05. Starsign
06. Deep Red
07. Mercy Kill
08. Kathy’s Song
09. Lost In Translation
10. In This Together
11. Burning Heretic
12. Shine On
13. Unicorn
14. Until The End Of The World
15. Non Stop Violence
16. Love Never Dies
17. Bitch
Music: 10
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 8 (7.9)

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