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Backstage, Munich, Germany
22nd February 2009
Apoptygma Berzerk, The Anix

APOPTYGMA BERZERK is no band to pigeonhole easily into one specific musical drawer. The name of the new baby is ‘Rocket Science’ by the way and was released on 23rd January, preceded by the single ‘Apollo (Live on Your TV) which was out since 16th January. Subsequent to the album release APOPTYGMA BERZERK embark on a tour through German, Austrian and Swiss clubs in February and on 22nd February their fans in Munich had the chance to experience a show of their heroes at Munich’s Backstage club.

The Anix

Brandon (lead vocals / guitar), Logan (drums), Greg (keyboard) and Chris (guitar) form the band THE ANIX, who accompany APOPTYGMA BERZERK on their Rocket Science Tour. The band from Los Angeles, California, started on time at half past eight in the not quite full Backstage-Werk to move the audience in her spell.

Music & Performance
THE ANIX who see themselves as an Alternative / New Wave / Electro band influenced by bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure & The Police, sounded live rather hard and more like rock. Also the guitar sound came out more than on their album ‘Demolition of city’. Their repertoire during this evening contained except own songs still a cover version of FILTER's ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’ and a not yet published song called ‘"Take my Future’. After eight songs the Americans said goodbye to make room for APOPTYGMA BERZERK, but not without receiving considerable recognition in form of a stately applause for her appearance.

01. Long Way Out
02. Bullets without A Gun
03. This Game
04. Half the World Away
05. Hey Man, Nice Shot (Filter Cover)
06. Don't Save Your Breath
07. Resident One
08. Take My Future

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.4 /10

Apoptygma Berzerk

Then after a not too long rebuilding break it was time and the Norwegian APOPTYGMA BERZERK, consisting of Stephan L. Groth, Angel, Geir and Fredrik Brarud, entered the stage. /

Music & Performance
Right at the outset they gave ‘Weight of the World’ from their recently appeared album ‘Rocket Science’ to the best and had won the listeners with it from the very start. With ‘Shadow’, APOP carried out an experiment and let drummer Fredrik also play the guitar. Afterwards they performed a cover version of the HOUSE OF LOVE song ‘Shine On’ with which the audience loudly joined in the singing as well as already during ‘In This Together’ and some other songs! Also the "ballad lovers" got a raw deal with the new song ‘Butterfly Defect’.

In my opinion APOPTYGMA BERZERK presented a really varied mixture of new, but also older songs in this evening, as for example ‘Deep Red’, ‘Mourn’ or ‘Non-Stop Violence’ during a perfect show. A very interesting light show formed the background to the concert. For Munich standards nearly incredibly - they made the masses of the fans for dancing, joining in the singing and wildly applauding! Great live-band - sounds better than on the album!

01. Weight of the World
02. Apollo
03. Eclipse
04. Unicorn
05. Mercy Kill
06. Lost In Translation
07. In This Together
08. Shadow
09. Deep Red
10. You Keep Me from Falling Apart
11. Love Never Dies
12. Until The End Of The World
13. Butterfly Defect
14. Kathy's Song
15. Shine On
16. Starsign
17. Non-Stop Violence
18. Mourn Mesh

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

Pictures of APOPTYGMA BERZERK by Erika Knepper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,, Pictures of THE ANIX by Daniela Vorndran ( / /


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