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Apoptygma Berzerk
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APOPTYGMA BERZERK (short APB) are back again, primarily rockier than on their last CD’s. Electro rock is paired with pop elements on the new MCD “In This Together”. The increased use of guitars, the typical APB keyboards and one couple of power choirs in one song is characteristic for the CD. They packed this together with a heavy production and so an APB 80s pop marked electro rock song is ready. APB are always good for a surprise and with this MCD they fulfilled all expectations excellently.


Stephen Groth
Geir Bratland
Anders Odden
Frederik Braruad

Song review

1. In This Together (Single Version) – 3:51
This version reminds a little of “Placebo”. The guitars and drums have been mixed far forwards. Electronics only serves for the support of the melody; therefore you cannot call it “Future Pop”. The song already always points the live sound of APB.

2. Faceless Fear – 4:40
This song is one of two bonus-tracks which aren't released on the forthcoming album. It’s a slower song. The guitar isn't as dominant and the vocals float about a keyboard sound carpet.

3. Until The End Of The World (Acoustic Version) – 3:03
The second bonus track is an acoustic version of the song “Until The End Of The World”. It’s like APB goes campfire. A little strange but convincing, the song comes also without electronics whitely.

4. In This Together (Flipside Club Mix) – 5:40
For the electro fans of APB, the “Flipside Club Mix” of “In This Together” is presented. For this one, the rock elements are taken out and are replaced by further electronics. It encourages the listeners to dance and so it’s probably the most typical APB song on this MCD.

5. In This Together (Voltage Controlled Music Remix) – 5:20
This is a purely electronic version of “In This Together”. This version is quieter and chillier.


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Technical summary

Version: MCD
Total Playing Time: 22:39
Total Songs: 5


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: 6
Total: 9

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