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Title: War on Error
Artist: Rotersand
Genre: Industrial, Electro, Techno
Release Date: 28th August 2009
Label: Trisol

EP Review

There are just some days to go until ROTERSAND will go on tour with VNV NATION. Furthermore, the newest and highly anticipated long-player `Random is Resistance´ will be brought into the record stores soon. Thus, the release of the EP `War on Error´ is a great teaser in more than one way. Collectors don’t hesitate to empty out your wallet, as this digi pack is a special limited edition. Besides six exclusive mixes, the only 2,000 pieces also contain the previously unreleased track `Dirty´. Regarding that much exclusiveness, we are now faced with the question what’s inside.

According to the title, ROTERSAND passes criticism on conformity that is fighting against individuality and independence. If you try to elude control and standardization, you will be the aforesaid error and you will be seen as a potential danger by the administrating system. Therefore, ROTERSAND poses a problem which is an often debated issue in today’s Internet-ruled society transmitting everyone’s data and making us feel like transparent humans. The opening track `War on Error (declaration)´ prepares well for the explosive issue and is a real blast beginning with some shouts into a megaphone. Hypnotic speech singing and extremely danceable, the declaration of war is in full activity until there’s the plain conclusion in the end that random is resistance.

`Bastards Screaming (on and on)´ is the next anthemic dance floor magnet with a catchy beat that won’t get out of your head. Contrary to that up-tempo and aggressive stuff, the captivating piano ballad `We Will Kill Them (lullaby)´ is of quite a different nature, but as thrilling as the other pieces. The new song `Dirty´ begins with playful keyboard lines and finally turns into a hard techno-influenced track with whispered and distorted vocals. As it is candy for ears and legs, this EP will satisfy the demands of every Electro diehard and those who are looking forward to the upcoming tour. And don’t forget that this piece of work is strictly limited!


01. War on Error (declaration)
02. Bastards Screaming (on and on)
03. We Will Kill them all (lullaby)
04. Speak to me (epic)
05. Dirty
06. Bastards screaming (shortcut)
07. War on Error (reprise)



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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8.0 / 10


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