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Title: Random is Resistance
Artist: Rotersand
Genre: Electro, Industrial, Techno
Release Date: 23rd October 2009
Label: Trisol

Album Review

The German three-piece has been very busy this year: Rasc, Gun and Krischan released the limited EP `War on Error´ in August and went on tour supporting VNV NATION in autumn. They now introduce the new full-length recording `Random is Resistance´ whose first edition will be available as a digi pack including a nice booklet that features a captivating artwork. With regard to the 12 tracks, there are some surprises ahead but you will also listen to proven stuff such as the rousing anthem `Bastards Screaming´ which attendees of the recent tour should have already experienced live on stage. In my opinion, this track has what it takes to become an all-time favourite: Catchy tunes, powerful vocals, danceable beats. `A Number and a Name´ takes the same line as well as `If we don’t stop it´ and `Gothic Paradise´. Therefore, dance-willing party people will be happy with that up-tempo stuff.

Fortunately, ROTERSAND isn’t only able to create pieces that will make the club walls shaking; the formation also has some multi-layered and subtle material up to its sleeves. Indeed, the opener `Yes We Care´ begins with acoustic guitar sounds and roughly whispering vocals preparing for the album’s main focus on authority and control basing on the new information technology in the 21st century. `A Million Worlds to lose´ is another track that won’t probably meet the general expectations lovers of high-speed arrangements could have. This solemn mid-tempo track slowly constructs a soundscape made of nervous synth effects that are in contrast to a calmed down beat and the rather restrained vocals. `Beneath the Stars´ is a pulsating Synth Pop song due to its harmonic melody that you can soon easily sing along with. Thus, `Random is Resistance´ is an amazingly versatile album, fans of electronic sounds will certainly find pleasure in.


01. Yes we care
02. Bastards Screaming
03. Waiting to be born
04. Speak to me
05. We will kill them all
06. First Time
07. Beneath the Stars
08. If you don’t stop it…
09. War in Error
10. A Number and a name
11. Gothic Paradise
12. A Million Worlds to lose



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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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