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Title: Southern Sun (CDM)
Artist: Agonised by Love
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 29th February 2008
Label: Alchera Visions

Single Review

Polish electronic/ dark wave band AGONISED BY LOVE returns to the scene with a new single to precede the release of their upcoming album ‘Lovesick Society’ and I guess their fans have been eagerly awaiting new material of the guys, since the release of the ‘Close Behind You’ EP was already in 2004.

The title track ‘Southern Sun’ is included as both, a single and an album version, where the most obvious difference is the length of the two tracks. The track itself presents quite danceable structures, while toying with all kinds of synths and keys in the background; especially the key work is something you should look out for. I can’t deny that Rafal’s voice has something to it and gives a recognition value to the compositions.

‘Shelter’ is a melancholically drawn-out track coming up with a slower yet a bit frisky rhythm, emotive chant and the amplified use of orchestral strings and spherical keys. The last track ‘Aspello Soto Te’ crosses the paths of harsher electro sounds and darkly coloured atmospheres. Quite a difference to the rather romantic breathed on stuff.

Solid single release with some good songs but I’m still waiting for the wow effect so let’s see what the album brings.


01. Southern Sun (Single Edit) - 3:55
02. Shelter (Single Edit) - 4:07
03. Southern Sun (Album Version) - 5:55
04. Aspello Soto Te (Clicks Remix) - 4:07


Rafal Tomaszczuk - Vocals
Bartosz ‘H_12’ Hervy - Keyboards, E-Drums, Effects, Samples
Wojciech Pawlowski - Guitars

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Music: 6
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6.5


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