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Title: Avatar
Artist: Avatar
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Release Date: 26th March 2010
Label: Sony/BMG

Album Review

Founded in 2001 under the name ‘Lost Soul’ in Göteborg, Sweden, AVATAR (not to be mistaken with the animated film) are about to release their third full-length record. The earlier albums are ‘Thoughts of no Tomorrow’ (2006) and ‘Schlacht’ (2007). As one might suggest, the band plays Melodic Death Metal in the Göteborg direction and already supported the famous IN FLAMES or MEGADETH. So, where to start with? Melodic Death Metal seems to be the next big thing, judging from the many bands that are coping with this style nowadays. Consequently, it is hard to separate the sheep from the goats.

AVATAR is surely not produced badly and the vocals are, let’s say, rather remarkable: clean and unclean voices are combined. Yet you wait for something unique that makes AVATAR outstanding and exceeding. Songs like ‘Reload’ surely convey lots of power and energy, but others, for instance ‘Queen of Blades’ appear already often heard before, reminding me of bands such as DEADLOCK, a bit DIABLO or even IN FLAMES. The guitar work seems rather favourable, serving melodic as well as fast elements, creating a coherent overall picture. ‘Reload’ begins with a scene, in which a girl sounds like she is being slaughtered. This song is built up rather grooving, at times SLIPKNOT orientated.

‘Deeper Down’ starts with an unusual, disharmonic yet noticeable melody, whilst ‘Revolution of Two’ contains of many distorted parts. After a more intense glance at the album, it becomes clear that AVATAR indeed try to give their music a personal touch; nevertheless, some decisions appear enforced. ‘Rigfucker’ begins pretty compromising: fast, brutal and unapologetic, definitely an unexpected highlight before ‘Lullaby (Death all over)’ is far from sending us to sleep. Open-minded fans of modern orientated metal might surely give this band a try, although their newer output is unlikely to beat the relatively famous ‘Schlacht’.


01. Queen of Blades
02. The Great Pretender
03. Shattered Wings
04. Reload
05. Out Of Our Minds
06. Deeper Down
07. Revolution of Two
08. Roadkill
09. Rigfucker
10. Lullaby (Death all over)


Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström – Vocals
Jonas Jarlsby – Vocals, Guitar
Simon Andersson – Guitar
Henrik Sandelin – Bass
John Alfredsson - Drums

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Music: 6
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10


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