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Johannes (Vocals) of Avatar

In the end of March, the Swedish melodic death metal group AVATAR released their third full-length album, the self-titled ‘Avatar’. After having written the review for this record, I had the chance to do a small interview with Johannes, the vocalist of AVATAR.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Firstly, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. How content are you with the result and the reactions towards your newest record?
Johannes: We feel that this is our best album yet and audiences and reviewers seem to agree. They have all accepted the changes we've made with open arms.

RoD: If you had to name one or two favourite songs, which would those be?
Johannes: That is a really tough question. It turned out very well balanced and all tracks are there for a reason. But just to make people curious I urge them to listen to ‘Queen of Blades’ and ‘Roadkill’.

RoD: Is there any song, from your whole discography, which you would never want to play live or a song, which you did not have the chance to play live yet?
Johannes: Well we haven't played ‘Pigfucker’ and ‘Lullaby’ yet but it's just a matter of time. We're also planning to play some old stuff in a not too distant future.

RoD: In which way does ‘Avatar’ differ from its predecessors? Also considering your point of view with regard to the writing process or general developments?
Johannes: We did much more as a team this time which brought up way more discussions and we started to explore our roots. All this led up to a sound that is the perfect blend of metal and rock. It's fresh, new and exciting!

RoD: How is the mood in the band nowadays?
Johannes: Better than ever. As I'm writing this we're having a couple of day offs at my aunt's and uncle's house in Bavaria and life can't get any better. We're having the time of our lives and the road is our home.

RoD: In October, you will be touring with DARK TRANQUILITY. In which way are you looking forward to this occasion?
Johannes: Always loved the band and always liked the guys so it will be a blast. It's just about time that we get to play with them. We've been longing. It will be epic!

RoD: Do you have a favourite band to tour with and are there still any dreams to fulfil?
Johannes: IRON MAIDEN of course! Is there anything else?

RoD: Thanks for the interview!
Johannes: Cheers!


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