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Title: Year of the Black Rainbow
Artist: Coheed and Cambria
Genre: Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock
Release Date: 9th April 2010
Label: Roadrunner Records

Album Review

American rock band COHEED AND CAMBRIA was founded in 1995 and originally was called SHABÜTIE but the name was changed when the first drummer departed. The formation blends in the music the aspects of progressive and punk rock with some heavy metal and post-hardcore effects and it is intended to make concept albums revealing science fiction storyline ‘The Armory Wars’ which was written by lead singer Claudio Sanchez. The band’s fifth studio album entitled ‘Year of the Black Rainbow’ will become a prequel to the whole series.

The CD starts with a smooth and somewhat enigmatic ambient intro that anticipates our expectations and gently leads into the atmospheric sonic realm created by the music as the album proceeds. The intro stops abruptly and it is replaced by hard and harsh ‘The Broken’ with expressive vocals and accessible, unpretentious, rather simple melody. It doesn’t engrave itself on one’s memory but while you are listening to the track it seems to be impressive yet when it fades there is still a feeling of incompleteness. In the next song robust guitars and rapid drums at first play just a supporting role as the voice prevails but then the instruments gain strength and the composition shows itself in all its beauty.

Without a doubt it’s necessary to give the due to the lyrics, meaningful and deep enough to make a listener follow the development of the story. ‘Here We Are Juggernaut’ maybe one the best songs on the album thanks to the intriguing melody with a slight shade of gloom and striking vocals, this time more powerful comparing to the previous tracks. Melancholic ‘Far’ attracts one’s attention with its catchy chorus and heartfelt atmosphere and must suit the taste of even the fussiest fans of the style. The other tracks I’d like to mark out are ‘Pearl of the Stars’ which totally disarms a listener with its acoustic guitar parts and of course, dark, charming ‘The Black Rainbow’ that turns into an intricate outro.

In general the CD has its moments and to its end the songs are getting better and even if the musicians have chosen the path well-trodden before by numerous bands of the kind, they managed to add something peculiar to their music.


01. One – 1:56
02. The Broken – 3:55
03. Guns of Summer – 4:49
04. Here We Are Juggernaut – 3:46
05. Far – 4:56
06. The Shattered Symphony – 4:27
07. World of Lines – 3:19
08. Made out of Nothing – 4:41
09. Pearl of the Stars – 5:06
10. In the Flame of Error – 5:29
11. When Skeletons Live – 4:19
12. The Black Rainbow – 7:35


Claudio Sanchez – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Travis Stever – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Synthesizer
Michael Todd – Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Pennie – Drums, Percussion

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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