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Artist: Alpha Academy
Title: The Promise of the Light
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 24th September 2010
Label: Steamhammer (SPV)

Album Review

The first full-length album of German rock band ALPHA ACADEMY entitled ‘The Promise of the Light’ was preceded by quite successful E.P. ‘The City Is Burning’ and a couple of singles. And finally listeners got an opportunity to appreciate a solid creation of the quartet which may arouse contradictory opinions. At first it seems that the musicians have found a happy medium between anguish typical for THREE DAYS GRACE and ethereal romanticism of POETS OF THE FALL diluted it with captivating melodiousness. So while I was listening to the first half of the album in the mind there appeared pictures of grey autumn morning and loneliness in a big city supplemented with the sound of the rain beating against my window.

But it’s better to leave this melancholic atmosphere behind as further it’s getting more and more obvious that the songs are mainly written according to the same scheme when a relatively even verse changes into a powerful, catchy chorus then there goes another verse, sometimes abridge and so on, and so forth. Some will miss beautiful guitar solos or peculiar arrangements however despite this not too dreadful shortcoming the album has enough potential to impress and moreover to inspire listeners with cheerful tunes and meaningful lyrics. Speaking about the lyrics I must say everything is simple and clear without any hidden depth and again those who like complicated compositions would be disappointed, for others each track may seem to be a hit and it is indeed depending on what we understand by hit. Anyway ‘The Promise of the Light’ will suit the taste of all lovers of such music and I guess may count on a commercial success.


01. In Your Eyes – 3:54
02. Make Me Feel – 4:46
03. The City Is Burning – 3:58
04. Walls – 3:49
05. Everything You Need – 3:54
06. Don’t Run away – 3:35
07. Gravity – 0:39
08. Catch Me When I Fall – 3:36
09. Wake up – 3:51
10. Mirror – 3:22
11. Scream Your Story – 3:37
12. End of the World – 4:52
13. Make Me Feel (Alternative Radio Edit) – 3:34


Dominik – Vocals, Guitar
Chris – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Hunger – Bass, Backing Vocals
Niko – Drums

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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: 9 (Bonus Track)
Total: 8.7 / 10


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