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Artist: The Burning
Title: Hail the Horde
Genre: Metal
Release Date: 22nd October 2010
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

This Danish four-piece started its career in 2007 with the release of ‘Storm the Walls’, which was followed by ‘Rewakening’ (2009). Now, after having established themselves over Europe due to some touring, the band is putting out their third piece, ‘Hail the Hordes’. Musically, the band continues the path of combining grooving Metal in the manner of bands like PANTERA whilst adding their own touch to it.

After a small intro, ‘Godless’ breaks off, with thrashing riffs, fast drumming, some breakdowns and harsh vocals. In the chorus, some melodies and cleaner sung elements can be found, yet without appearing soft or harmless. The second one, ‘Bait the Hook’ beings in a very grooving manner but also possesses some more hardcore orientated phrases. ‘Flames Be Your Friend’ is a faster and modern song, whilst ‘Nihilist Life’ shreds in an old-school way, with brutal drumming and speedy guitars. As the title of ‘Swing the Pendulum’ suggests, this song indeed is a bit slower and sluggish but does not renounce any of its intensity. Apart from the wolves howling, the beginning of ‘Wolfmoon’ reminds me of MACHINE HEAD in some sort of way, later on a very melodic refrain sets in. This song also features vocals from the singer of the famous thrash band ARTILLERY. It is definitely a nice contribution, which adds a certain recognition value to this piece. Also, the included guitar solo works very well.

The title track, ‘Hail the Horde’, continues the chosen path including group shouting and aiming at being a hymn - a very energetic and thrashing song. ‘Inverted Cross System’ is once again very swift, containing rather technical guitar work and taking a glance towards death metal. Song number nine once again grooves along whilst ‘Baptized in Bong Water’ starts in an almost psychedelic way, assuming that this piece was not created without the impact of some illegal substances. Anyhow, a rather slow but intense song has been created. ‘Turn or Burn’ is a bit too much of hardcore influence for my taste, whilst ‘Disownment’ speeds up before ending the album. To conclude, ‘Hail the Horde’ possesses a very unique sound and also shows the self-reliance of the band. Sometimes, but this is of course a matter of taste, single phrases are too modern or hardcore-orientated for my liking.


01. Godless
02. Bait The Hook
03. Flames Be Your Friend
04. Nihilist Life
05. Swing The Pendulum
06. Wolfmoon
07. Hail The Horde
08. Inverted Cross Syndrome
09. Metamorphosis
10. Baptized In Bong Water
11. Turn Or Burn
12. Disownment


Johnny Haven – Vocals
Alex The Kid – Guitar
Thue Moeller – Bass
Toby Hoest – Drums

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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