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Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany
10th March 2014
Five Finger Death Punch, Pop Evil, Upon A Burning Body

The Große Freiheit 36 was sold-out this evening according to their homepage, and it was not hard to believe. Many metal heads were standing in front of it to get in. The US Metal guys from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are going to perform on their "Wrong Side Of Heaven" Tour and got another two bands with them, POP EVIL and UPON A BURNING BODY.

Pop Evil

POP EVIL opened the concert on this evening. Quite on time at 8 pm they entered the stage. The five guys come from North Muskegon, Michigan and founded the band already in 2001. But only in 2008, the first long-player ‘Lipstick on the Mirror’ was published. Last year, POP EVIL's third album came out, called ‘Onyx’. The guys around singer Leigh Kakaty are Dave Grahs (guitars and vocals), who is also like Kakaty founding member and Nick Fuelling (guitars), Matt DiRito (bass, vocals) and Chachi Riot (drums), who joined the band many years later after some member changes. With their Alternative Metal, they made a good start for the shows. Indeed Kakaty had some starting problems with the audience to make them do a little more party in the crowd, maybe their music was way too "soft" for them, but was nice to listen to.


But POP EVIL did not intimidate by this, and at the end they got a bit earned celebrating. Another highlight is drummer Riot, who does a great honour to his name. He plays this instrument as if there would be no tomorrow and the crowd is scared if the drums would survive this attract. After nine songs, a bit over half an hour, they left again, but at the end, the audience were much better on it than before. /

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7 / 10

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Upon A Burning Body

It did not take really long until the second support got on stage, UPON A BURNING BODY. Another band from the USA, this time from the state Texas. And another genre, now the crowd could listen to some Deathcore sounds. Founded in 2005 and only two long-players by now, but already well-known in their home USA. For Danny Leal (vocals), Sal Dominguez (guitars) Ruben Alvarez (guitars), Rey Martinez (bass) and Tito Felix (drums) it was way more difficult to get the sympathy of the audience, although it went more in the musically direction of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. The crowd seams at the beginning like setting back to the start, like if no other band has played until now. It took some songs, until they got warm again and even carried some people over the masses and started the first circle pit on this evening.


But UPON A BURNING BODY do not care and do not lose any of their energy, they brought along. The band gives everything and at the end, they reached their goal with a good mood in the masses. UPON A BURNING BODY also only played ca. an half hour, and then were given the stage free for the main act.

Music: 6
Performance: 7
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 6.3 / 10

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Five Finger Death Punch

UPON A BURNING BODY were entering the stage fast after the first band, but until FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH finally entered the stage, it seems to be an half eternity. At 10pm, they finally were on stage. With the opener ‘Under and Over It’, it was like the concert were be afoot since hours, a total contrast to the support bands. A raging crowd, a cheerful band. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, coming from the US like their support bands, are playing together since 2005, in 2007 their first album ‘The Way of the Fist’ was published and the sound were from the beginning until now the same Groove Metal that the fans love. Meanwhile the band published five long-players, the last one in 2013, with the same name as the current tour, ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’. On stage, you could admire singer Ivan “Ghost“ Moody, two guitarists Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook, Chris Kael playing the bass guitar and Jeremy Spencer at the drums.


Meanwhile Moody is busy with heating up the fans, it is very notable how Kael, who got a bear of a beard, is flirting with the cameras in front of the stage. Moody seams to love circle pits, because he often wished to do that from the fans, and of course, the crowd desired his wishes with good moods. Hook often changes this normal guitar with some two-headed and shows, that he can handle it perfectly just like the normal ones. Goosebumps feelings by the voice of Moody and instrumentally high quality, and half of the evening is already successful. It will be proved by the fifth song ‘Bad Company’. For ‘Burn MF’, Moody choose three young girls from the audience, to sing with him along on the song. One of them even took some pictures with her mobile on stage, when Moody asked "What are you doing, selfies?" But no only those girls, even the hardest looking guys on the crowd are very good at the lyrics and always sing along as loud as possible. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are visible positively surprised and get in even better mood than they anyway are.


After the soft ballads round with ‘Remember Everything’ and ‘Battle Born’, Moody does not want that anybody would think that their fans are softies and immediately breaks over to the heavy ‘New Enough’. But he seems to like the cuddly moments and so the next song is an almost acoustic version of ‘Far From Home’. The biggest part of songs were singles from all-over the years, and also the concert was not very "new-album-heavy", overall a well mix from everything out of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's discography. As the band wants to leave after one and a half hour with the last hit ‘The Bleeding’, for which everyone just had waited all the time, it does not feel like time was running so fast. Only for one encore the guys came back on stage, and it was not even a song of themselves. With ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ originally from LL Cool J and the last words "I love you, Hamburg", FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH let the lights turning out and the show was over, but the fans were more than happy about this great evening.


Sadly, the light show was very neglected compared with the performance of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. Although the fans very happy anyways, on this point it could get more action. /

01. Under and Over It
02. Burn It Down
03. Hard to See
04. Lift Me Up
05. Bad Company
06. No One Gets Left Behind
07. Burn MF
08. Coming Down
09. Remember Everything
10. Battle Born
11. Never Enough
12. Far From Home
13. The Bleeding
14. Mama Said Knock You Out

Music: 9
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 5
Total: 7.3 / 10

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