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Bandname: Danko Jones
Title: Sleep is the Enemy
Genre: Straight-to-the-point Hard Rock
Release Date: February 2006
Record Company: Bad Taste Records


The hardest working man in the rock business has returned to the frey! Already gaining more and more respect throughout Europe, Canada and the US since the release of (officially the 2nd album) "Born a Lion" in 2002, the band centred around loud-mouth and the biggest hetero-sexual Mr. Danko Jones have released their finest and their catchiest record to date. Where "We sweat Blood" was raw, dirty, loud and mean, the new record is mostly balanced, diverse, and even melodic from time to time. Where other reviewers like to throw terms like AC/DC or Thin Lizzy around, I do believe that to categorize Danko as just a "rip-off" of those bands is unfair. Sure he has influences from those bands, being a huge music-fan and all. But the music of Danko Jones is still mostly no-nonsense straight-from-the-soul rock'n roll!

Line Up

Danko Jones - Vocals, guitars
John Calabrese (JC) - Bass
Damon Richardson - Drums (left after the recordings)


Song Review

01. Sticky Situation - 2:38
Without a warning we're in Danko's world. Screaming again about his view on women and all the situations you can find yourself in. Non nonsense rock is the right description. With a catchy chorus, just over 2 and a half minutes, and the raw but well-done production, the listener is drawn in and it's hard to sit still.

02. Baby Hates Me - 3:29
The first single of this album, and a perfect choice. This song starts off with a guitar part that sounds quite similar to AC/DC, which might explain the comparisons in other reviews. It's catchy again, and with the sing-a-long chorus this is the stuff that festival-rock is made off. The song has been playing on Dutch radio quite often lately and this is definitely Danko's ticket to the big time. The video makes that transition only easier. A terrific song and one of the best on the album.

03. Don't fall in Love - 3:26
A more laid back song to follow the big single. A cheeky song about the fact that love doesn't exist and that Danko Jones does not believe in falling in love. Handclaps, a very tight and straight drum-beat and the easy to digest riffing does remind me of old Queens of the Stoneage for a second.  A party song if I ever heard one.

04. She's Drugs - 2:41
Up the tempo and another song about the bad side of bad women (aren't they all about that). The addictiveness of certain women. A blistering riff and a madman hitting one note on the piano during the chorus, give the whole thing a mean edge to it. And he delivers another catchy chorus. Complete with a mid song pull back to get another audience participation going in the live situation.

05. The Finger - 2:38
Anger and sex are the main issues of this band, and this one talks about being caught in a tight spot where, according to Danko, you can only give someone the finger. "give it to'em for counting you out...Now I give you the finger", followed by a slightly out of tune choir. A mean song, but aren't the short ones always like that?

06. First Date - 3:14
Is this the second single? It might be. Cause it has it has the high level of catchiness again. Approachable for a whole new group of rock-fans. "Do you kiss on the first date? Cause I do". More cheekiness, and half-way through the track a doorbell rings and Danko explains all the cliché activities of a first date, and then states the fact that he kisses on the first date. I wonder if that's all he does?...

07. Invisible - 3:26
This track is stoner rock in the vein of Hermano, Kyuss, and Queens of the Stoneage (old). So who do you get to fulfil the guest vocal spot. Damn straight! Garcia, former singer of Kyuss and currently of Hermano is letting his soulful reap havoc on this track. High tempo, high energy rock'n roll!! One of my favorites, and knowing that Danko is a big fan of Kyuss and Hermano, it's probably one of his favorite tracks of the album as well.

08. Natural Tan - 2:54
Having a slightly darker skincolour has it's advantages. For some reason it's like attracting flocks of women, and Danko has it; that natural tan. Screaming louder, playing more aggressively, this song is more in the style of "We sweat Blood". By putting songs like this on the album, where other tracks do remind me more of "Born a Lion", plus the addition of a newer side to the sound, Danko Jones pleases everybody.

09. When will I see You - 3:29
For some reason I really liked this track. It's definitely an odd one out. It's different, totally different from the other material. It still rocks, but Danko shows more variety in vocal styles and the overall feel is darker. I hope that they will add more of this style to their sound on the next album. It really makes the whole experience more diverse.

10. Time Heals Nothing - 3:44
Another slight experiment? Is that a drummachine at the very start of the track? This must be the "Nail you to the Cross" of this album. Danko spits to the people that have done him wrong, together with an out-of-tune backing vocal part (anger-ridden much?). He screams that he's "Coming to get you!!" And the chorus is so distorted that you better believe him.

11. Sleep is the Enemy - 2:25
The title track and finale of this album. It's a flying start, loud as the We Sweat Blood album, short. Talking about that he has no time to sit around and take it easy, he explains that Sleep is the Enemy. The chorus got him to grunt the word Sleep in a sinister, almost evil way, followed by a screaming of "is the enemy!!" And you better believe him. Danko Jones has given us no doubt about where he's going.

Technical Information

Total playing time: 33:59
Total tracks: 11

Cover and Promotional Pictures

danko jones


Mr. Jones has done it again. He slammed himself into the mainstream, and I bet he's gonna win some new souls with his high-energy rock parade that's called "Sleep is the Enemy". The old fans will still find enough on there to please their rock'n roll heart, and Danko has added new flavors to keep the following growing larger and larger. When the critics thought that Danko was repeating a trick, that he was bound to run into the wall and repeat himself, he comes back with a diverse album. Proving everybody wrong. And when you think this record is a punch in the face, go and see them live... Danko's the man that turned the alpha-tent on the Lowlands fstival into a boiling mass last time he visited, and with this new record out and about, he might be a good contender for the 2006 edition of the festival. Cause we all know what happens when Danko's visiting... bruises, headaches, bleeding ears, loss of voice, sore limbs... do I have to say more?


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extra's: n/a
Total: 8


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