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Title: B-Sides
Artist: Danko Jones
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 30th January 2009
Label: Bad Taste

Album Review

DANKO JONES is a three-piece hard rock band, formed in Canada in 1996. For the next two years they toured consistently through the Northern US and Canada, opening for a variety of acts. In 1999, they released their first self-produced EP ‘My Love is Bold’, nominated for a Juna Award for ‘Best Alternative Album’ in 2000. In 2002, the first full-length followed, on the Bad Taste label. They enjoyed a growing popularity with every further release. Preliminary peak is their fourth album ‘Never Too Loud’, lifted in February 2008.

With the ‘B-Sides’ album comes one huge collection of 27 songs from the DANKO JONES archives. Songs from every period of the band’s career are included, many of them seeing their first release on a record. Now we’re going to start with the album opener ‘The Rules’, punching power chords from the guitar, bass, and drums is all what this track needs on the instrumental side to make you wanna scream, topped off with Danko’s raspy, dirty vocal style. Next track ‘My Time Is now’ records a significant speed growth, and more elaborated, staccato drum work with a few melodic licks as bonus. In the lyrics Danko says “I do everything I wanna do”. Here’s my advice for you folks. The only thing you should do while listening to this song is rocking your brains out. On the wildly fast ‘Woogie Boogie’, Danko’s voice is being chased trough a distortion filter and a harder edge takes hold in the track. The only question is: “Can you take it, baby?”

The specialty of ‘Sold My Soul’ is the streamlined down-tuned riffing, appearing like a wall, while a short-lived rhythmic shift into down-tempo realms provides some more diversity. The Blues Rock influences of the band become apparent in the groovy ‘Fucked Up’ with Danko performing more of a spoken-word, featuring rough-edged, distorted bass chords as well. The Return of Jackie and Judy’ is a cover track, originally written and produced by the famous RAMONES, elaborating on the two characters who “both came up to New York
/ Just to see the Ramones…”, working from a speedy clapping beat, the song is going to set dance floors on fire instantly. And I’d like to add its extreme fun to listen to it. ‘Drop Your Man’ starts as a rumbling, slow-motion roamer, booming distorted bass included to suddenly put on roller-skates to dash away, keeping that extreme tempo to the end.
DANKO JONES means are simple, but most effective. The trio creates a maximum of energy out of their instruments; and they have fun playing, that’s unmistakable. That fun springs over to the listener sooner or later, no matter what they’ll do. Besides a classic jewel case edition, there’ll be a limited cardboard box edition with some extra goodies for the collectors.


01. The Rules – 1:57
02. My Time Is Now – 3:03
03. I Like To Ball – 1:29
04. Never Again – 2:19
05. My Problems (Are Your Problems Now) – 3:16
06. Starlicker – 1:38
07. Woogie Boogie – 2:54
08. Sugar High – 3:36
09. Ice Cold Angel – 1:24
10. Choose Me – 2:27
11. Big Bed – 2:06
12. Sold My Soul – 4:15
13. Sex – 3:48
14. Fucked Up – 2:24
15. First Date (edit) – 2:50
16. Cheater – 2:06
17. Pump It Up – 3:17
18. The Big Holdout – 2:40
19. You Ruin The Day – 3:22
20. Hit Song – 1:22
21. The Return of Jackie and Judy – 3:02
22. Make A Move – 3:22
23. Drop Your Man – 2:19
24. Thinking Of You – 2:29
25. R.I.P. RFTC – 2:25
26. Peacock Stomp – 1:50
27. Take Me Out On A Stretcher – 2:09


Danko Jones – Vocals, Guitar
John Calabrese - Bass
Dan Cornelius – Drums

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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