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Title: Below The Belt
Artist: Danko Jones
Genre: Garage Rock
Release Date: 14th May 2010
Label: Bad Taste Records

Album Review

It was just in 2009 that DANKO JONES bestowed us a collection of blistering 'B-Sides' from the depths of their catalogue. The Canadian trio now returns with a proper full-length by the name of 'Below The Belt'. "I admit it I've done a few things I shouldn't be proud of." are the first words we get to hear when the opener 'I Think Bad Thoughts' makes its vibrant start and introduces us to the album with nicely down -tuned riff attacks and the only thing you can do in the end is joining in the chant "I Think Bad Thoughts". 'Active Volcanoes' picks up the pace but adds a more melodious attitude both in the way the lyrics and riffs are being delivered. If you're not feeling remembered instantly of a good old classic Rock song AC/DC trademark on 'Tonight Is Fine', then you either don't know them, or ignore them because you don't like them, which still is a sacrilege ;-)

'Magic Snake' gears up to full speeds nano seconds after the first notes left your speakers and its dirty aura is going to take you all in. If I could shake my head at all at the moment I'd do it. Anthemic as the catchiest pop song ever written comes 'Had Enough' and therefore makes a perfect candidate to involve the crowd. 'Full of Regret' brings up a few slight rhythmic shifts and Dan riots a lot on his drums with audible pleasure on this one. 'The Sore Loser' reduces tempo but doesn't reduce pressure in the same breath. The riffs come relentlessly propelling and add a lot to the song's character. 'Apology Accepted' acts in a similar way, but with the help of racing drum inferno this time. 'Below The Belt' is yet another compact, addictive injection from the trio that is refining their style on the album, rather than adding any new elements.


01. I Think Bad Thoughts - 3:31
02. Active Volcanoes - 3:35
03. Tonight Is Fine - 4:21
04. Magic Snake - 3:19
05. Had Enough - 3:42
06. (I Can't Handle) Moderation - 3:04
07. Full of Regret - 3:58
08. The Sore Loser - 2:59
09. Like Dynamite - 3:14
10. Apology Accepted - 3:30
11. I Wanna Break Up With You - 4:56


Danko Jones - Vocals, Guitar
John Calabrese - Bass
Dan Cornelius - Drums

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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10


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