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dankojones firemusic
Artist: Danko Jones
Title: Fire Music
Genre: Rock`n`Roll
Release Date: 9th February 2015
Label: Bad Taste Records / Soulfood

Album Review

DANKO JONES as a band is around and touring since 1996, the bands discography spans a dozen outputs, among those are LPs, compilations and even spoken word recordings. DANKO JONES music is sometimes a little raunchy, always heavy and great fun. The band is widely known for the frontman’s spoken word parts during gigs. The band toured with bands like THE BACKYARD BABIES, THE ROLLING STONES, TURBONEGRO, MOTÖRHEAD and GUNS`N`ROSES

There were times I really couldn’t stand DANKO JONES at all, all that changed after I heard ‘I Think Bad Thoughts’, what an evil and catchy song this was! So after I did get Danko`s attitude the band grew on me and now I sit here in my damn small apartment and write another review about a musician I like. There is a bunch of highlights on this record that I simply have to point out. Among those are ‘Getting into Drugs’ - the song is ape-shit crazy and very funny in a rock and roll way, ‘Piranha’ is a typical song about a crazy woman that leaves you in shreds and last but not least ‘She ain’t coming Home’ - this one sounds a bit heartbroken but hey that’s rock and roll too isn’t it?

So after giving this output a few rotations I am satisfied with the outcome and can recommend this record warmly to everyone who likes to rock out and party hard.


01. Wild Woman
02. The Twisting Knife
03. Gonna Be A Fight Tonight
04. Body Bags
05. Live Forever
06. Do You Wanna Rock
07. Getting Into Drugs
08. Watch You Slide
09. I Will Break Your Heart
10. Piranha
11. She Ain't Coming Home


Danko Jones – vocals
John Calabrese – Bass
Rick Knox – Drums

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dankojones firemusic


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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