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VolbeatFesthalle, Frankfurt, Germany
7th November 2019
Volbeat, Baroness & Danko Jones

‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound’ is their 7th Album and at the moment VOLBEAT are on their North American and European Tour. We had the opportunity to see and hear VOLBEAT at the Festhalle, one of the most beautiful venues of Frankfurt am Main. By the way, the Festhalle was sold out quite fast which means round about 12,000 fans saw the show. To quote most of the visitors I met… “They were f****** great!”.

During the last years VOLBEAT have become one of the best Hard Rock bands. Especially their live performance is one of the reasons why they became so popular. Till the beginning of December VOLBEAT is still on tour. But you can also see them next year at one of the bigger festivals all over the world. If you like good old Hard-Rock… these guys from Denmark know how to rock.

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They brought two supporting acts with them. The first band was the Canadian Garage-Blues-Rock-Band DANKO JONES. It was the first time I saw them and I have to say their set was quite solid. And at the moment they are also on their own Headliner Club Tour named “A Rock Supreme” tour and I would say go and visit them they are worth it. Afterwards the audience could hear some Progressive-Metal from BARONESS. They formed in the United States and at the moment the band consists of John Baizley (vocals & guitar), Gina Gleason (guitar & vocals), Sebastian Thomson (drums) and Nick Jost (bass & keyboard). It was the first time I saw them but I would say it was not the last time for me.

Danko Jones

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Born to Raise Hell (Motörhead song)
Red Right Hand (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds song)
01. Leviathan (First time as opener)
02. Lola Montez
03. Pelvis on Fire
04. Doc Holliday
05. Sorry Sack of Bones
06. The Garden’s Tale
07. Sad Man’s Tongue
08. Black Rose
09. When We Were Kids
10. Slaytan
11. Dead but Rising
12. Fallen
13. Die to Live
14. Seal the Deal
15. For Evigt
16. Cloud 9
17. Lonesome Rider
18. Last Day Under the Sun
19. The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
20. Let It Burn
21. I Only Want to Be With You (Dusty Springfield cover)
22. Still Counting /

All pictures by Mathias Utz (

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