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Artist: Dismantled
Title: The War Inside me
Genre: Electro-Industrial
Release Date: 10th June 2011
Label: Dependent

Album Review

DISMANTLED is a project of Gary Zon, who takes on guest musicians when touring, this line up seems fluid. Originally just an experiment, it soon evolved into a project as the music gained some online popularity around 2000. Good dose of electro-pop mixed with music akin to FRONT LINE ASSEMBLEY, COMBICHRIST, NINE INCH NAILS and other Industrial acts forms the signature sound of it. This album seems to be oscillating between sounding like NIN and COMBICHRIST only catchier and pop-ier. It makes you wonder if they are just a little brother to their references; it’s hard to decide though. Certainly you might speculate what Gary Zon would bring out if none of those bands existed. DISMATLEND also seem to be mostly supporting the big acts, and another guess is if they didn’t draw too much inspiration elsewhere could the project be the main act for a change? Regardless of this, it is a likeable album with fittingly agonising lyrics; a strong point of the album indeed, also the sequence of the songs provides a varied offering.

The intro pushes one against the wall and prepares for intense beat of ‘Insecthead’... wouldn’t it make you go re-listen to COMBICHRIST’s ‘Electrohead’? Yes, similarities are certainly there... but the track feels fresh regardless. Where the previous track created a COMBICHRIST flashback, ‘Disease’ picks up on NINE INCH NAILS influence (one of the distinctive factors here is the including of rapping smoothly slipping into Reznor-like vocal). The slower and less aggressive songs for sure take on the NIN flavour, and though ‘Scrape The Bullets’ didn’t shake it off completely, there’s more originality in there. If you enjoy the bands they emulate, you will enjoy this for sure, DISMANTLED seems to push the influences more into the centre, make them danceable with their injection of electro-pop.  There are many interesting facets that they bring into the fusion to find here to overlook the references.


01. Intro – 2.15
02. Insecthead- 3.14
03. Disease – 4.40
04. The Whore Inside Me – 3.46
05. Dead On Impact – 4.21
06. Bathroom Floor – 6.40
07. Scrape The Bullets – 7.43
08. Excess – 5.26
09. Kill Or Be Killed – 5.53
10. Can’t See The Top – 6.27
11. Black Heart – 6.18


Gary Zon – vocals, instrumentation

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Music: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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